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Mid August 2021 2 Pleiadian Transmissions

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“Oh Ashtara, you asked us to speak more about frequencies to ensure comprehension by your readers.

Every thought has a frequency, just as does every heart beat. Loving thoughts have a fine and smooth frequency. Discordant thoughts, especially those of fear, have an irregular and spiking frequency. Our computers are able to detect the frequency levels of human thought. You do not yet have this technology.

We hope we have made this clear.

We are the Pleiadians, and will come again”.



“We come to you today with another message. For far too long humans have remained ignorant of their neighbours from other star systems. This is changing – slowly.

We, the Pleiadians, have lived and experienced life on our star system for much longer than have humans on Earth. In fact, we, in the long distant past, interfered with human development. In our eagerness to assist in the human experiment, not only our race, but others, interfered in your genetics. This is soon to be realised by your genetic scientists. When it is to be made public is another matter.

Because we interfered in your development we incurred karma. The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is always operative, whether conscious of it, or not. Whatever is caused by thought and deed has an effect. We can create light or dark karma.

We have been in the process of rectifying our karma so we can move forward in our development.

Existing in a finer frequency wave band to humans, that of the fifth dimension, we come to enlighten our earthly brothers and sisters so we can all move forward. We are as you will be in your future. You could say we came from your future to enlighten your pathway.

As you open your minds and your hearts to our existence, we will share our perspectives for you to embrace, or otherwise.

We realise the value of conscious creation and this is why we shared the earlier exercise with you. You can, and will, make your lives lighter and easier by following the joy of conscious creation. As you take one step in this direction, as per our recent exercise, the next will be shown to you. Life can be an exciting game when living it through love and light.

We will come again”.




The following is another recent Pleiadian Transmission:

“It seems to us that humans need to learn to respect each other and regard each other as amazing and unique. This is how we view you. Each of you think differently, having different perspectives and opinions on most things. We find this amazing.

We have a group consciousness. Each group thinks the same. To observe millions of people all with different and unique thoughts is a marvel.

Your thoughts can be seen as either dark or light. We mentioned this in our previous message. Dark thoughts create dark and problematic futures. Light thoughts create light and joyful futures. Follow your soul’s joy, and a light future is assured.

That is enough for now”.



Ashtara’s Commentary

There are many dark thoughts currently taking over the collective human consciousness. We can easily change our thoughts. All it takes is self- awareness. To change the current situation, I’d like to offer a creative visualisation/meditation you can do regularly. I do hope you will join me. You can also share the exercise with your groups and family.

The Full Moon tonight, in the last degree of Aquarius, (a potent time) is a good time to commit to, and to begin the process. I’ll be doing so at 8.00pm (AEST) each night. You might also like to do the same at that time because the collective thought has an amplified effect.

Knowing that love heals all, and that the brain computes whatever thoughts we think whether they come from our imagination or not, this practice is a positive and uplifting thing we can do to aid the healing of the collective consciousness.

The first thing to do is to calm your mind, go into a meditation to purposefully self-generate the love frequency. To do so, maybe place a person, or a baby you love into your heart, or visualise yourself joyfully living your creative dream. When you feel you have developed sufficiently the love vibration, create in your mind’s eye the image of a huge octopus with many long tendrils. It covers our entire planet. Now visualise writing on the back of this huge octopus the words: COVID Virus.

Through the love frequency developed in your heart, direct this love into the heart of this octopus. Radiate the energy from your heart, feeling yourself giving as much love as you can to the octopus/virus. You can liken the octopus to a troubled infant, seeking a parent’s comfort and love. Imagine the love you are beaming enter into the creature’s heart and travel to all its many tendrils so they too receive your love. Watch the tendrils relax.

If we can all do this creative visualisation regularly, we, as a collective, will see a distinct change. And, we will know we are contributing our love to ease the current global issue knowing that love heals all. You can also ask for the assistance of celestial guides or the Pleiadians, Arcturians or Record Keepers. They will come, is you ask them to. You will know they are assisting because you will feel their loving vibration.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,