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Mid August 2020 Record Keepers

By August 16, 2020No Comments

“Let us begin.

The new life emerging on earth depends entirely on the prevailing thoughts. Those who focus on the dark will experience accordingly. Those who focus on the light will live accordingly. It is, and has always been.

Many existing industries and services will not be able to function in the new environment. More innovative ones will take their place.

For many people our messages will be incomprehensible, and even non-sensical. For those on the path of conscious evolution into greater Light, and who realise that Prime Creator’s love is within and without all of Creation, this will not be so.

The science of meditation and imagery were well known and practiced in Atlantean times, and those who practice and teach it effortlessly today do so because of their memories. Our scribe is one. Some of your scientists today are also realising the value of these ancient practices.

Many books have been written about the great shift in human consciousness.This evolutionary process is accelerating. The rift between those choosing the path of Light, and those unwilling to change, is widening. It is as it is. We observe and record.


Another part of the work we do is to satisfy ourselves that we have observed and recorded correctly. We do this through self-questioning.

When moving into new territories of experience it is wise to self-question. “Am I perceiving my subjective reality without judgements?” could be one such question. There are so many ways to perceive reality.


As with all things in life, there is a beginning and an ending. This year, in your calendar, will become known as an ending. An ending of a particular life style. A new beginning will emerge, as yet unclear. Within all new beginnings are seeds of light, and of dark.

Choose your thoughts well because they will become your future.


We understand the difficulty humans have in taking responsibility for their thoughts. It is an evolutionary process. Many will not attain this state of being this life. There are many more lifetimes. Others will learn to manage their minds, and benefit from doing so. The process requires self-awareness, and the ability to be fully present in each moment. Once the intention is made to take this evolutionary step, the way to proceed will be given. There are many helpers from other realms ready to assist.

How does the collective consciousness change? As it is with individuals, so it is with the collective. There often needs to be an unexpected challenging situation, perhaps an illness or marriage break-down, before a change of perspective takes place. It seems to be the human way. Emotions are usually aroused and involved in the process.

The purpose of life on earth is to evolve and grow into fully conscious, self-aware humans. This evolutionary growth process is being accelerated, and will continue to be accelerated throughout the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Light, Cosmic Light.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


As humans consciously, and with clear intent, choose to develop greater self-awareness, learning to become observers of their internal reality and making permanent corrections to their thoughts, their external world will change for the better. No longer will criticism, judgements, or comparisons be made. The changes taking place globally can be viewed as opportunities to heal old psychological wounds that will only perpetuate if left unattended.  It is time to go within to learn about your inner world and by what thoughts and conditionings you unconsciously create your external reality.

Thoughts are things in motion. E-motion is energy in motion. Thoughts and emotions travel. If repressed, they travel to places inside the body, eventually creating disease. If responsibly expressed, and follow through action taken, health is appropriately maintained.

It is, and has always been.


“We greet you this early morning with a joyful message. Maintain your joy no matter what the circumstances may be. Joy is an off shoot of love. To feel and know love is the natural state. Humans were designed to do so. The human soul was birthed in love and joy, with the free will to maintain these qualities, or not.

That is all for now”.


May you choose the path of joy and love, no matter the obstacles appearing in front of you. The way forward is the Way of the Heart.

Love and blessings,