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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid April 2024 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We have been sharing our perspective for quite some time and we will continue. Our channel is clear and this is what we need. She is an astrologer and has practiced this ancient spiritual science over many lifetimes. We are assisting her to reclaim her soul’s knowing so she can share it, thus stimulating her students into developing higher levels of consciousness. Trust has been an issue, as it is for most humans. Trust in a lighter and higher power working through existing levels of consciousness.

The greater the number of people willing to open their minds to finer and higher knowledge, the more stable will be your planet. This knowledge, known by many as ancient sacred wisdom is awakening in many souls’ minds now. Answering many questions, this knowledge is a life-enhancer as it assists the raising of consciousness.

You may have noticed our reporting method has changed. This is deliberate. We observed the need for a new approach and are delivering it. Our scribe became aware of it and changed her teaching accordingly.

Your existence as a specie depends upon the level of consciousness of the majority. This level is higher in the Age of Aquarius than in other times due to certain cosmic circumstances known to our scribe who shares her knowledge.

Due to the influences of the recent solar eclipse, consciousness break-throughs accelerated this process.


Change is a constant in life. How you manage sudden unexpected change is up up you. The more you can stay centred in a state of internal harmony and balance the smoother is the experience. The changes come through sudden shocks or surprises. It is the nature of Aquarian energy.

For those choosing to live a hectic and chaotic life, change will be more upsetting.

When choosing to live a calm and more balanced life, change will be easier.  Adjustments are always needed.

We are the Record Keepers. We observe and record and will come again.



Ashtara’s Commentary:

In this week’s first Record Keepers’ message they say that they deliberately changed their  reporting method.

I noticed it immediately and wondered why they had done so. Now it is clear. From simply observing and recording human consciousness levels they are now offering suggestions on how to prepare for the changes to come.

They say that, when practiced regularly their suggestions will aid our journey to the embodiment of greater cosmic/spiritualised Light. We have a choice as to whether we  do as they suggest or not. Note their statement: “Your existence as a specie depends upon the level of consciousness of the majority.This level is higher in the Age of Aquarius than in other times due to certain cosmic circumstances known to our scribe, who shares her knowledge”.

I will be sharing this knowledge at my one day workshop on 20th April and also during other courses I teach. I will also be writing about these certain cosmic circumstances in articles and my new book.

The transmission clearly shows that we are one within the body consciousness of Prime Creator /All That Is and that each one of us influences the enormous galactic Light energy field (hologram) that is Prime Creators consciousness.

I’ve found it helps to realise that we are  a unique bundle of energy within a physical form each with our own invisible energy field surrounding the body.(our aura).  Our personal  unique energies work together within our form body to create harmony or disease, depending upon the consciousness level of each of us. As our consciousness level based on self-awareness rises, our body lightens, our  health improves and this change influences our energy field. It then merges with the energy fields of every other human being creating a collective energy field.  When this understanding is integrated into the consciousness of every human, our world view will change. It must because each one of us is creating a new world view within our consciousness. As we do this to ourselves – it instantly changes our energy field filling it with more  light that immediately influences every other energy field, much like a domino.This is so on  a micro and macro scale.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,