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Mid April 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

By April 8, 2024No Comments

A New Awakening Cycle Begins

Remember the years 2000 and 2012? What was taking place globally and within your lives then? A new century, and two x 12 year cycles later, the planet of expansion and spiritual growth Jupiter, is aligning with Uranus, the planet of awakening.  “What is being awakened?” you may ask.  The diamond codes of liquid light within us, known also as the Christ/Magdalen codes, are slowly awakening to their purpose for being.  Will we consciously work with and integrate them to enable new thought and subsequent new harmonising experiences?

These codes contain our soul’s wisdom and knowledge. Seeded purposefully 2000 years ago into the earth and into human bodies, these Christ/Magdalen codes of higher consciousness are becoming restless for expression. They are multifaceted and multidimensional. Because we are 80% water these codes of crystalline diamond shaped light float in our internal seas seeking personal self-awareness through remembrance. How clear is your internal water? Remember the phrase “As above, so below” and “As within, so without”. As it is within our mental and emotional bodies so it is without in our manifested world. Reflect on the state of our oceans.

The times of the major planetary alignments and cosmic events such as the eclipses, is when these codes are ignited.  It would be wise to spend time developing a clear and focused intent for this next twelve year cycle. Whatever is your intent, broader insights are likely to follow. It would be wise to work with them. During meditation, you may like to reflect upon a particular issue that has bothered you during the past twelve year cycle. Is it still bothering you? If so – are you willing to make mental adjustments by changing your thoughts? Do you need to adjust your life style to make it more compatible with who you have become? Are you willing to become your greater self during this next cycle?

To use the energy of  this planetary conjunction and a new 12 year Jupiter cycle in a most positive way is to become an observer in order to consciously adjust to the new  available frequencies of light.

Opportunities are likely to come from left-field. Are you willing to be flexible and take them? You are likely to feel more expansive and may take on more new work than you can handle. To manage any new cycle of change there needs to be a foundation of practicality. How best do you want to spend your time during the next twelve year Jupiter cycle?  Do you want it to have meaning and be filled with purpose?

The grids around our planet are shifting, being re-wired and refined as planet Earth moves through a different area of space. This change influences our energy fields and chakra systems. As our planet changes so too can we. We need to eliminate the restriction of fear and/or resistance to change before we can move onwards and upwards.

Numerological, we are in a 8 year. (2 +2+4 ) – that provides the opportunity for each of us to come into our own power. The greatest power on our planet that no technology can ever match, is the feeling experience of love for, and connection to, the internal Source of All Creation.

May the light of the living Christ/Magdalen codes burn brightly within.

Many blessings,