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Mid April 2023 Astrology News

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Chiron in Aries – It’s Influence on Consciousness

Each soul can retrieve the experiences from their records stored in the akasha that are like an energy bank. In your 3D world precious documents and jewellery are stored in impenetrable safes and bank vaults. A code or key is needed to open the door of these storage places. So too, is a code or key required to open your akashic records. When this code is activated, or a key turns the locked door, your precious records become available. Intention, desire and willingness to retrieve and face the contents stored are needed to do so.

These words of Ascended Master, D.K are similar to those I received way back in 1993 when Chiron, classified by astronomers as a planetoid in our Solar System sandwiched between Saturn and Uranus, first entered my meditations. He taught me much about his role in activating humans into higher consciousness. He told me his energy carries the key to unlocking our subconscious doors so we can reclaim our soul’s wounded past history. When our personal history is revealed and the psychological games played at that time are seen clearly repeated in our current life, we can easily heal and clear the shadow blockages. We become self-aware, conscious of the former psychological shadows and no longer reacting emotionally to them. We begin to develop greater light – of self-awareness/consciousness.

Astronomers discovered Chiron in November 1977, saying that he entered into our Solar System from outer space. His orbit is elliptical. From the time he entered my consciousness I’ve shared his teachings with my students.He came to me as a centaur, half-human and half- horse, and took me on many amazing inter-galactic journeys to retrieve my soul’s records. I had no idea that this was what was happening at the time.I so enjoyed the space adventures.  These experiences are written about in my I Am an Experiment book. They were real in whatever dimension I experienced them. I owe my good health and happiness to willingly awakening to, and consciously working through, ages old soul wounds.

Currently Chiron, the archetypal wounded healer, is transiting through the zodiacal fire sign of Aries – at 14 degrees.

Chiron in Aries supports us in activating our soul’s records so we can retrieve our treasures of truth. His light energy offers the initiatory confident energy we need to access the key and the codes to open our akashic records enabling us to clear past psychological density. I recommend you willingly commit to doing so. Chiron’s position in your birth chart via sign, house and aspect can pin-point your  soul’s deep psychological wounds  so you can heal them.There are many alternate healers around now who can assist.

Chiron enters Taurus in May 2027, his discovery sign. His orbit through the 12 signs of the zodiac takes approximately  fifty years. Around the age of 50 we all have the opportunity to wake-up to our sub-conscious content and begin working with it. This is the time when alternate healers can assist the ‘opening of soul records’ process to uncover the root cause of anxiety, depression, undiagnosable Illnesses and weakening psychology – our soul’s wounds. Chiron’s last sojourn in Aries began in February 1969 ending June 1976. Not many people were awakening then.

His entry into Libra, the opposing sign to Aries, took place from October, 1995 ending late September 1997. I teach my students that you can’t work with one sign without including its opposite polarity. The two are like one coin with two sides. Aries and Libra are connected by polarity. When Chiron travelled through Libra, many awakening humans were seeking others (Libra), alternate healers and therapists, to assist them in accessing and providing the openings to reveal and release past life traumas and old psychological wounds. I was amongst them. By so doing I became a clear channel for light beings from higher realms to connect with me. Now, if ever any emotional turmoil arises, I do this inner work to heal myself (Aries). This also applies to physical wounds. Love is the key.

Reflect upon the upsurge of alternate natural healers and the many different healing modalities now available since Chiron’s discovery in 1977. And, that are growing in number as people realise the value of vibrational healing and how it balances and harmonises personal energy fields. We can do this harmonising work ourselves. Regularly toning vowel sounds and sacred names and mantras while feeling love and gratitude, harmonises our energy field enabling healing vibrations. These finer loving vibrations can be mentally directed to the self-healing of ailing body parts. I write from experience. Love is the key. Consciousness is the code. As Duncan Roads says: “Love is the antidote to what is happening. Focus on it and spread it every day.”



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,