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Mid April 2023 Arcturus Transmission

By April 17, 2023No Comments

Good morning Ashtara. We are the Arcturians with a message for your readers.

As many of you are now aware, tremendous change is occurring in all walks of life on Earth. We have come to assure you that these changes are for the highest good of your planet and all life upon her. These changes cannot be stopped. Planet Earth, known as Terra by some and Gaia by others is moving into a different area of space. In spiritual terms she is ascending into a higher frequency of light. The extra light radiation experienced may be too much for some life forms upon her to handle.

You, and your fellow humans may find the higher frequencies of the light radiation challenging. We suggest you meditate daily to still and calm your minds, and open your hearts and minds to consciously receive this light. Your body will respond accordingly.

We are here to guide and support you through this transition. We need to be asked to work with you individually. In this way will you not only be mindful of the higher frequencies of light but willingly work with them to stabilise them within you.

Regular toning of sacred sounds and mantras that come from opening your hearts to feel Prime Creator’s love within is also an harmonising and anchoring process. These two regular spiritual practices will assist in integrating the new frequencies. These practices can be termed spiritual technology. You can view them as upgrades to your consciousness levels. You can choose to download these higher light frequencies or not.

We love you dearly and will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,