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Mid April 2023 2 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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Good morning Ashtara,

We are the Record Keepers with a message for you and for your readers. Thank you for taking our call.

As humans progress in developing self-awareness their body’s senses become more alert. When tuning into their messages more understanding develops. We are training you in this process. You are now aware of it and are learning to discern our subtle teaching. We train others in this advanced procedure as well.

There is a parallel between your computer technology and that of the human mind.

You, Ashtara, are a quick learner. We ask you to continue awakening to our methods so you can comprehend our teaching and share it with your students and readers. Explain to them what you experience and we will continue adding the next level.

As you realise, your mind needs to be empty of extraneous thought. We will come again.

Ashtara’s Commentary

Put on the spot again! Explain what?

Much of what I experienced from 1993 to 2021 is written in my trilogy of books called Arcturus Astrology. Prior to writing that trilogy, available on my website in both e-book and paper copies, and from well-known global book-stores, my spiritual guides asked me to write and to share what I experienced when meditating. It took a bit of courage to do so! So what else do they want me to share? Maybe it’s what I experienced prior to receiving the above message? Here goes –

Prior to taking the transmission above, I saw with my psychic vision a series of three brilliantly lit images projected onto the screen of my mind – like bright coloured snapshots. It seemed as if I was being shown three colour slides, in a rolled downloading sequence, as if a movie was being created. Then I heard an electronic breathing sound and knew that it was my “Incoming call to write” message. I sat up in bed, grabbed a jacket, pen and notebook and, with a blank mind, began taking dictation.

My body and mind were completely relaxed and I was emotionally detached from whatever message was to come.



Good morning Ashtara. Let us continue….

Throughout Earth time, human beings have been learning to know themselves and their connection to the land. In recent times this connection has been broken. People are so busy living their lives they have little consideration for the land that supports their lives.

If Earth was a human she would be feeling rejection and lack of love. Earth is a living, breathing entity and has her own purpose for being. It is time for her to evolve into a higher frequency of light. Nothing can stop this advance.

Humans, and all living creatures have the opportunity to evolve with her. To make this huge and unprecedented leap into a higher frequency of light, all dross must be left behind. All living things undergo the same evolutionary process. Humans have dumped onto Earth huge amounts of toxicity – physical, mental and emotional. This toxic waste must be shaken off before the light can be absorbed.

For millions of years indigenous people cared for and respected the land, referring to it as their mother. The land thrived. Not so now! The land is dying and it can no longer sustain life. Human greed, complete with disregard created the problem and, like a disease, it has spread.

We keep the records. We have entered your area of space to do so again. We observe some pockets of light where there are attempts to clean up the visible and tangible pollution. There is also the intangible and invisible pollution of dense human psychology.

The dark and uncaring desire for more and more power, money and control has spread becoming a cancer eating into the land. We observe it spreading and record accordingly.

There is one remedy and that is for every human to wake up to this stark reality and choose to change their thoughts, attitudes and approach to life, and to become consciously self-aware, allowing love to guide their daily lives. The love we speak of is not human love one for the other- it is the love found within the soul for Prime Creator who birthed you into existence. Many humans are old souls, birthed into existence in other stars and planets. Many souls were birthed on Earth. All experiences are recorded and can be accessed.

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,