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Mid April 2023 2 Astrology News

By April 17, 2023No Comments

Solar Eclipse/New Moon Aries 20/04/23

The degree and minutes of this Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries is 29 degrees 50mins. Bear in mind there are 30 degrees in each sign of the zodiac and 60 minute in each degree. This solar event is occurring so close to 0 degrees of Taurus that both signs (Aries and Taurus) need to be taken into consideration when delineating this event chart. So, what other planets are having an influence on this event?

The first thing I notice is that Pluto is forming a T-square (2 x 90 degree challenging angles) to Sun/Moon. The other arm of the T-square is to goddess Pallas Athene in Cancer. The two challenging angles are in different elements as fire(Aries), air (Aquarius) and water (Cancer.) And, because Taurus (earth) is involved, all the elements are also. Hmm!.What does this mean to you?

Fireworks! You may need to slow down to stabilise your fire energy. Expressing emotions honestly, without blame can be calming, as does being in water or spending time in Nature (earth element.)

New information (air) may be broadcast that can be disturbing to some, especially those unawakened. i.e. I heard today that the new virus is called the Arcturus virus. ???Hmmm! Will fear rather than love take precedence in human minds? Your call!

Accidents and chaos can occur under this energy.  A way to use this energy wisely is to allow your passion to arise and follow the dictates of your heart no matter how weird it may be. If your heart is overcome with feelings of divine love, then know it is the new path for you to take. Have no concern about where it will take you – rather, wonder at Spirit’s magic/genius.

During this Aries eclipse and New Moon, there’s an opportunity for transformation into higher consciousness available to all who choose to take this inner journey.Your inner feminine warrior may need to be activated to do so. Feel into your ‘feminine warrior goddess’ (Pallas Athene) part of yourself – ask her for guidance just before drifting off to sleep. You may be surprised by the outcome. Pallas Athene and Pluto oppose each other in the event chart. Pluto may attempt to pull you back into his underworld realm of darkness and shadows however Pallas Athene holds on tightly to her shield and armour of divine light and, with her truth sword, can slash old internal shadow ‘enemies’ as she creatively expresses the truth of her feelings (Cancer).Ask her to assist you in doing so.

Pluto in Aquarius is currently revealing more light than previously but only for a few more weeks. He returns to Capricorn on June 11th. A wonderful opportunity is available for you before this occurs  to “see and be the light”.It is happening and cannot be stopped. The light will prevail. The dark like it not.

On the global level, dark secrets held in storage for aeons may come to the light of conscious awareness creating a new paradigm of belief.

The goddess is busy. Positioned beside the Moon (feminine) in the event chart is goddess Vesta in Taurus. She seeks your commitment to willingly embrace your soul’s history and be courageous enough to develop acute sensory perception, and to feel every emotion that comes up to enable the revelation of your truth. Psychic skills that were formerly known and used may emerge through the inner work done. Positioned next to Vesta  is the North Node (destiny point for all individual souls) in Taurus. So individually and collectively, what is the commitment required?

To allow the voice of your feminine nature to have equal status with that of the masculine. To focus attention on your future path and let go of the emotional attachments to all that holds you back from attaining your souls destiny. This may not be known to you, but clues will be there for you to follow – through the feelings of warmth and joy in your heart.Take the first step. Commit to being the best you can be, and allow your Higher Self to guide. Seeming magic will follow.

Placed beside the Sun is goddess Astrea. She was a virgin goddess of justice, purity and innocence. Let’s look at purity: Inner purity occurs when we become aware of and heal our shadow psychology. We feel internally cleaner and, as a consequence, a new spark of fiery passion arises from within. We are purified by cosmic light. Astrea seeks justice. On a personal level, you are the only one who can attain internal justice by being completely honest, trustworthy and reliable, in integrity with your spiritual nature. You then energetically broadcast this light to the collective human mind.  Goddess Astrea has a passionate desire for internal purity, justice, equilibrium and spiritual integrity. This passion can be turned into a new form of living that enriches your life.

I know of a few people who have recently awakened to their purpose for being on Earth at this time. Each of them experience divine love like never, ever before – and want more of it. No longer can they live under the controlled system prevalent on our planet. They are creating a new life based on divine love and inner guidance. Their hearts are filled with the high vibration of love, often bringing them to tears of joy. This can be your path.

Those people still emerged in the 3D material world may be given a shake-up call. It may come through ill health or a separation from love.  A great light is approaching. The cosmic light is becoming stronger. It may be too much for those people unaware and unwilling to seek new paradigms of thought. It is as it is.

On a galactic level, all is in divine order. Human enlightenment leads to ascension into the higher realms of light. We are being offered a galactic opportunity to work with the Divine Plan for human evolution and ascend spiritually into new realms and experiences of cosmic light and divine love, or remain stuck in our old ways. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse can be your new beginning. Spiritual responsibility and integrity will be required.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,