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Mid April 2023 2 Arcturus Transmission

By April 23, 2023May 1st, 2023No Comments

Good morning Ashtara. Thank you for hearing our call. We are delighted with your meeting last night and have a message for your readers.

As the light becomes stronger moving closer to your Solar System and planet it can activate unconscious psychological blockages that need attention, acknowledgement and release to enable the light to enter the former dark spaces. The embodiment of greater light is a spiritual evolutionary process that is necessary before ascension into higher frequencies can occur. The light is increasing. It is unstoppable.

We ask readers to continue developing self-awareness through self-observation of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Notice those that have a detrimental effect on your bodies and lives and instantly correct. Emotions such as guilt, arrogance, judgements, avarice, anger and fear are detrimental to your spiritual growth. Seek their cause and correct. Inner purification will result and you will be able to withstand the effects of the increasing light beams.

We seek to serve and guide you. We are concerned by the resistance we observe to this evolutionary practice. The increasing light approaching may be too much for some to handle if this inner work of self-realisation is left undone.

We love you dearly and have your best interests at heart. We cannot do this inner work for you. This is your responsibility. We will come again.


Ashtara’s commentary:

I’ve been searching my mind for an analogy to give you in regards to the effect the incoming radiant light frequencies will have, and already are having, on our bodies and minds. I recently read something that may suffice.

Think of an opera singer on stage. The pure sound frequencies she emits can have an extraordinary uplifting effect on the human body however, when she reaches the highest of notes, the glass on her small stage table shatters because it cannot withstand the higher sound frequencies. Think of the glass as your consciousness. The more purified is your consciousness, the more able you will be to handle the incoming finer light frequencies.

These higher frequencies of light are relative to the energy of Aquarius. It is the ‘water’ bearer. I liken its glyph (two parallel wavy lines) as lines of electro/magnetic energy. This is part of the unstoppable energy approaching. A golden Age is in the making. A new Camelot is to be born. It is foretold. Nothing can stop it.

The current world view must change otherwise havoc, chaos and rebellion will reign until break-through via break-down occurs. It is the same process for individual souls. Many souls incarnated at this time to experience the ascension effect of these incoming higher frequency waves of light. Many are contributing their gifts and talents through alternate healing modalities. They work with energy and vibration known in Atlantis as sacred healing tools . The Atlantean consciousness, along with its amazing technology, is arising from the depths of the watery grave into which it collapsed during the Age of Leo – the opposing sign to Aquarius – approximately 12,600 years ago.

The Ascended Masters and our star brothers and sisters do the best they can. They do not want to see another Atlantian disaster where an entire continent and the people living there blew themselves up through abuse of power, greed and technology. The entire continent sank into the Atlantic Ocean. Many souls incarnate on earth now have memories of this time. I am one. I watched the disaster from my vantage position in space. My heart and soul felt such pain for the land and the people. My fear of modern technology and the abuses that were used then through technology are in my memory banks – my soul’s records. I accessed my records and re-experienced the disaster. I wrote about it in one of my first books Gaia, Our Precious Planet. It is not a fairy story. It is real. When will people awaken to truth?

Earth has experienced too much physical abuse and psychological pollution. As an evolving energy being, she is on her ascension path, journeying into a higher frequency of light. In her love for all life upon her, she offers the opportunity for humans to ascend with her. She will shake off her density, as we also need to do following our realisation of it.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,