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Mid April 2022 Astrology News

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Money as Exchange – Venus and Taurus

When sharing my astrological understanding of money I always look to Venus and Taurus in a chart to see if there are aspect afflictions connected to these placements. This has happened a few times this week with clients, so I felt it was time to share my perspective. To do so, I’ll share information from my book, A Great Comic Joke, written and published in 1999.

“Money was invented as a means of exchange. In itself it has no value. It is either a piece of paper or a small piece of metal. It is what the money is exchanged for that has the value. Those people who have a great deal of money usually believe that what they offer for exchange has lots of value. They value their means of exchanging their time and expertise for someone else’s money. This is equal exchange. Another is prepared to pay the price asked.

However, when the intent of the person offering their skills and knowledge is from the motivation of greed, then that is out of exchange. It is the intention behind the exchange that carries the weight. If this negative action continues there will be karmic consequences because the intention was greedy rather than of equal exchange. What is caused will have an effect.

Should a person feel unworthy about themselves, their gifts and talents or their services, they will not ask for the appropriate sum and they will not become affluent in monetary terms. They will receive equal change. What they value, they will receive. Should they value themselves and their services and have the intention to supply their services at a fee that most people can afford, they will attract more who will pay that fee. This exchange would then not only be monetary but also involve the joy and satisfaction of assisting those less financially wealthy. Therefore the exchange would be equal”.

In astrology, Venus rules the sign of Taurus, and Taurus naturally governs the second house in a birth chart. Working on your birth chart with these placements can help you establish your beliefs and blockages around money supply and equality of exchange. For example : if have three planets in the second house you may have shadow issues due to negative beliefs around money. If Uranus is there you may know how to make money easily, and then it disappears. I’ll continue:

“Money is simply a fabricated resource. It can be produced very easily whenever it is needed”. (Our governments daily prints huge amounts of money. Apparently, the Perth Mint is printing more than ever before). “For those who suffer unnecessarily through lack of money, you will need to look at yourselves to see how much you value, honour and respect yourselves. You will need to determine how you think and feel about money and question whether you have a poverty consciousness or an abundance consciousness. Your personal monetary world will reflect the answer. Should you have insufficient money for your needs, then you carry a poverty consciousness. Should you have plenty of money for your needs, then you carry an abundance consciousness. The exchange of money is simply energy. It is your beliefs about money that determines your rate of exchange. If you are in fear of lack of money, then this is what you will receive. Lack. Your fear will create the lack.”

There’s a lot more in this little book, but you get the drift.

Because the planet Uranus is currently moving through Taurus, and the North Node is also in Taurus, the money theme will be high in many people‘s minds. Whatever are your thoughts about money is what you will create. Transiting Saturn, our Solar System Timekeeper, is suggesting that it’s time to become fully aware of your money consciousness so you can change it if necessary. Uranus in Taurus will aid and activate the change when the intention to do so is passionate and made with heart-felt feeling. You will need to make a clear commitment to yourself to change any limiting money thoughts. And take forward action to demonstrate your commitment. You will be challenged with your level of trust.

During a meditation, with reverence and depth of feeling, intend to change your limiting thoughts around money. Feel into your body as you do so. Notice if your body is congruent with your intent. If not, work on the specific issue. It may be self-doubt. Ask your Higher Self for guidance to help you establish a prosperity attitude.

The following are some affirmations to help you along the way. Dynamically, with feeling, repeat them daily, until your mind accepts the change and your Higher Self knows you mean it. It might take time. During this mental re-alignment period you will also need to demonstrate positive forward action.

“I now establish and maintain a prosperity attitude”.

“I give thanks for each bill I receive and for all I have created in my life”.

”I no longer think or speak of lack”.

The following are some creative steps to enable the Law of Prosperity to fill your consciousness:

  1. A different way to change poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness is to imagine money as a person. Take yourself into a meditation. Practice deep breathing until your mind and body are calm. Now imagine you are in an intimate relationship with this money person. You’re engaged in deep discussion. What do you want to say to this money entity? Be honest. Imagine speaking your feelings to this money entity. Are you angry, resentful, jealous, envious, grateful …Allow self-realisations to follow. Accept your truth.
  2. Focus your mind on creating a joy based avenue through which abundance can come ensuring it is practical and achievable. Take your time and feel into your truth. Have fun with it. Develop a realistic plan for it’s future fulfilment.
  3. Mentally and frequently imagine the plan fulfilled.
  4. Constantly affirm its perfect fulfilment and project joy, child-like enthusiasm and love into the plan. Feel into the creation process and allow joy to fill your heart. Add to the plan when it feels right to do so.
  5. Give graciously of your natural gifts and talents in order to receive abundance.
  6. Become aware of and eliminate all shadow money psychology that holds you back such as self-doubt, fear, self-criticism, parental conditioning etc.
  7. Imagine yourself attracting lots of money and feel into what you will do with it. Allow immediate response. Imagine yourself helping more people as your money supply increases.

Full Moon 26 degrees Libra 45 mins. – Easter Sunday – 17th April

The Aries/Libra theme will be prevalent for a few days prior to, during, and following this Full Moon. There is a challenging aspect to both Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, quite a powerful mix. My take is that a spiritual growth opportunity (Jupiter) will be provided to those with birth chart placements around the 24 – 28 degree mark in their birth charts. The opportunity will be provided to grow and evolve into more self-aware beings, through self-realisation of shadow psychology. This process can lead to a transformation (Pluto) of consciousness.

I reflect upon the crucifixion of Jesus the human into a Christed light being. Seems to me there is, during this easter period, an cosmic energetic window of opportunity being provided to those who are willing to realise and release the hold of deep psychological toxins from their minds. This deeply felt release can lead to resurrection into a new lighter consciousness. May I recommend you take heed of this energy and use it constructively, through willingness and self-awareness. Psychological Issues are likely to emerge that will enable you to see the light of truth, and enable you to take positive forward action to ensure the light prevails.

May your Easter be blessed with the divine Light of conscious self-awareness and the Love of the Creative Source,

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,