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Mid April 2022 2 Astrology News

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Relationships: Dependence, Independence, Inter-dependence

Under the current influence of the  Libra Full Moon many people are struggling through the above theme.

From my generation’s perspective, prior to World War II, women were conditioned to be dependent upon their husbands for survival. Dependence connects to subservience. Later in that war women, especially in Europe, were trained to develop their skills to aid the war effort.  Some experienced and enjoyed independence for the first time.

The movement from dependency to independence became a necessity for the women who lost their husbands and sons during the war.

Throughout this time, Pluto, governing the evolutionary journey of the soul, was travelling through Leo, the opposing sign to Aquarius, beginning its transit through Leo on 16 June 1939.  Divorce was rare. From that time until now huge revolutionary change occurred within the collective’s psyche. Societal beliefs changed. Relationship beliefs changed. Much experimentation took place. During the 1960s, single men and women took further steps towards independence, experimenting with different approaches to living life.

Let’s now move on a few more decades. Divorce became more common – in fact, it’s almost normal now. Our children began demonstrating new ways of living life and interacting with each other. Many secondary school leavers chose to share an apartment with their friends rather than remain living at home. An experiment into inter-dependancy grew into a third way of being in a primary relationship. An awareness of how personal psychology plays a big part in the success of a relationship gradually began to develop within individual and collective psychology.

Some people are more sensitive than others. The peace-loving Libra can find the Aries angry attacks and abrasiveness too much to handle. Libra needs time to weigh and measure emotions and thoughts: Aries wants immediate action.  So where is the middle ground? This is where inter-dependency comes in.  A respect and acceptance of the other person’s way of living life and in some way harmonising it with their own is needed. Obviously communication, whereby clear boundaries are set and maintained, is the way to go.

Libra is an air sign. Communication is the key to resolution. Aries energy is fiery.  In a primary relationship, whether it is with your child, family member or partner, warm communication from the heart is needed for resolution and understanding.  And, the clear setting and maintaining of energetic boundaries, based on self-respect. This step may be completely foreign to an attacking competitive Aries – who can act impulsively and abrasively without any consideration or understanding of the Libra personality. Nor may have any desire to do so. Women with a Libra perspective who have learned, often the hard way, to place a high value on their independence, can find this challenging.

On the global scene, a country can become dependent upon another. In other words a country can give away their power to another country, especially financially. Look around the world to see how this phenomena has manifested. For example: how much money does Australia owe to overseas countries? What will the consequences be?

Relationships are tricky. Their success depends on the love between each other, and the development of respect for the other’s perspective. Inter-dependence is the 21st century’s normal relating way. Two people in a mature primary relationship doing their own thing, responsibly and respectfully sharing their experiences, supporting the other in a way the other wants to be supported. This may involve each one having their own separate space within their home, or having their own separate homes and getting together through mutual desire.  A new world is in the making. We can imagine how we want it to be, but cannot predict how it will be. History however, repeats until we learn from it. There is no doubt that humanity is evolving, through trauma, challenges and war. We can learn to evolve another way.

We are currently experiencing a war between the dark and the light. Technological weapons are taking the place of the old type of weaponry. Governments are aware of the total devastation of humankind that will occur if nuclear weapons are used.  Mind control through technology is the new weapon of mass destruction. Many instruments have been developed and are being developed to ensure one country has the latest and best technology.  The military are well trained in this development.  Wars are often begun by the impulsiveness and need to win at all costs indicative of negative Aries/Mars energy. Peace comes through communication and negotiation by the Libra/Venus archetype.  How many women would choose to go to war to attain dominance and control? Maybe future generations will encourage women to govern so that wars of all kinds can end?

In 2023, Pluto will move into Aquarius. Will there be a replay of the Leo/Aquarius war games experienced during 1939 to the 1950s? One thing for sure: Aquarius energy always bring change – often shocking change. “Expect the unexpected” is the calling card associated with Aquarius and it’s ruling planet, Uranus. It’s purpose: to awaken us to our personal and collective psychological behavioural patterns so we can develop greater love and the light of higher consciousness.

On a personal level, Love is always the answer.  When both parties in a primary relationship connect and communicate from a place of love, and the other opens their heart to feel it, resolution can occur.

As one of my spiritual guides, Sai Baba, said to me way back in 1997,


Love is the Answer to All Problems

Love is like the wind. It can blow softly, strongly or not at all. Love sometimes has to break through barriers, or walls of fear. This is when the strong wind of will and intent is needed.

Love is the answer to all problems. It is the “fix it” glue that binds and lasts. Accessing the essence of love is the task of humans on Earth, the conscious accessing with intent. Love cures illness and disease. Love generates more love. When love is blocked, fear resides within the individual and fear breeds fear.

Sometimes the Earth  experiences great cleansing through strong winds and rain, cleansing negative ions from her etheric field. So too do humans needs to introduce a strong wind of intent and will to clear their own individual negativity from their etheric field so that, through cleansing, love can enter.

When love enters the heart so too does our Creator. Be willing to introduce a wind of intent and will into your hearts, to cleanse negativity and allow entry of the essence of love. Love is the highest power. Love heals all.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,