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Record KeepersTransmissions

Mid April 2021 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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“As your planet Earth proceeds on its path through a different area of space, new experiences will be encountered. It is the same for humans when stepping forward onto a new path. From our higher viewing point, we can prepare you for what is to come.

Like a child’s toy, a top, Earth spins and wobbles on its journey. If a spinning top meets an obstacle it falters, going off track. This is what your Australian Aboriginal people meant when they said that Earth had moved away from its Dreaming track. They did what they could to correct the problem. Much effort was spent in the correction.

Currently, there is another movement away from Earth’s Dreaming track. The more that darkness of human ignorance abounds the greater is your planet’s wobble.

With this simple word picture, you may be able to comprehend what we observe. We ask you to focus on creating light, love and joy because these positive vibrations affect the natural order. You are an important spoke in the great wheel of life on Earth. You matter.  Your vibration matters.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.


Ashtara’s Commentary
Dreaming tracks:

Minmia, an Australian Aboriginal wisdom-holder, wrote an insightful book titled Under the Quandong Tree.  In it she refers to a spiritual mission she was given in early 1989 to play a part in correcting the Solar System Dreaming track imbalance. The mission, involving the breaking of 300 stones at different places around the world, had to be done when the planets were in specific alignments on 7th May 1990. At the time of breaking the stones a spiritual vortex would open so that Biami (Great Spirit) could send light through Nungeena-tya, Mother Earth. Minmia had to break her stones in a completely traditional way, in the middle of a city. She apparently frightened a few people with her white painted ochre face, feathers and naked to the waist!.

The Dreaming tracks took six years to open, during which time millions of people around the world began to “wake-up” from their spiritual coma, their lostness, seeking something more meaningful in their life. During those six years, the teaching and law/lore stones, from all over the world had to be gathered. Some had to be brought back to Australia, some had to be taken to other parts of the world. Part of Minmia’s job was to go on an Earth walk to pick up six stones and bring them back to Australia. She also had to collect some sacred water and place it in a spring at Glastonbury Tor. Her instructions of where she was to go, and the type, colour and shape of the stones she was to find, were simply given, drawn in the desert sand. She was to go to where the white people came from. It was an extensive Earth walk whereby she travelled to many countries. One of the stones she was required to unearth, was one she had planted 5000 years ago. She found it in norther Ireland by following her “Miwi” her inner feeling sensory guidance. It wasn’t an easy dig with her hands, but she found it.

I do recommend you purchase the book. Her humorous way of describing the battle she had with her western mind influence, and her traditional spiritual teachings, is one we face today. Fortunately for planet Earth and all of humanity, her Aboriginal wisdom and faith took precedence.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,