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Arcturus TransmissionsTransmissions

Messages from the Arcturians

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To place a context around these transmissions I need to explain my connection to the Arcturians. This group consciousness, who exist in a higher dimension to that of earth, contacted me during a meditation in 1998 and asked that I write a book for them. I did – titled Gaia, our Precious Planet. It was written under my former nameAn extremely profound book it evoked many ancient memories in those who read it, and in me as I was writing. Deep soul memories arose in my body that affected me emotionally and I cried heaps of tears. Its content is even more relevant today than it was in 1998. I am considering re-printing because I have very few copies left.

My next major connection with the Arcturians took place during 2008 when they trained me to remote view and record a new cosmic system that accelerates human evolution. In 2018 they came again as I was writing The Magdalen Codes, Reclaiming Ancient wisdom, my latest book that reveals this system. Their transmissions, and those of other multi-dimensional light beings, are dispersed throughout the book. The Arcturians final transmission in that book follows:

14 February 2018

“And it came to pass that a new breed of humans awakened from their deep sleep filled with the oneness of all life. These Rainbow Warriors had a task. To improve the lives of those still sleeping. There are many ways this can be done, one of which is to do whatever they can to raise their consciousness. Many of those still sleeping have been programmed to awaken. Others not so. Discernment is needed by those awakened. Eventually all lights will come on. Those awakened ones arousing those still sleeping will learn patience as well as discernment. Both are pathways to compassion. By the turn of next century most lights will be on and the planet filled with Rainbow Warriors. The prophesied Golden Age of Peace will be experienced”.


Further 2018 Arcturian transmissions follow:

“And it came to pass that a new breed of humans emerged. These Rainbow Warriors had a job to do – to awaken those still sleeping.  We, the Arcturians, along with other disincarnates, activate the minds of the sleepers yet we need help from those awake.

Your world is changing rapidly. We attempt to steer it in the direction of peace.

Thank you for answering our call. In times gone by, different methods were used to guide and teach those who had awakened. Our calls often fell on deaf ears. Be alert to our different forms of communication.

In times past humans, in their sleeping state, had little understanding of the creative mind. Some people were able to tune into it through their natural spontaneity and play. Most however experienced constraint. In the next human developmental phase this will be rectified. You, Ashtara, are to lead the way. Your books are becoming a true expression of the creative urge to give and to share. We ask you to play with your writing and teaching and to approach each class and book with wonderment and a quiet excitement. Let us guide your path. We will not disappoint.


October transmissions:

As more awakened, the world in which humans lived began to change. Change brings new situations and challenges yet the solutions are always available. The human brain opens to embrace the changes.

The dark becomes more desperate. Their hold over others lessons. Their way no longer works. Children question parental behaviour and old ways of being. Greater rebellion occurs. It takes time for the light to penetrate the darkest places.

The Rainbow Warriors of light cannot be stopped. Their numbers increase. It takes courage to walk the path of light and love and many hurdles need to be overcome. And still the Rainbow Warriors continue to grow in numbers. An unstoppable force of light guides their way. There is no turning back. Joyous celebration grows within their hearts and minds.  Many pieces of life’s jig-saw fall into place. We in the higher realms celebrate with you.


And it came to pass that a strange human species developed, unlike those who had gone before. This species had a distinct intelligence. Able to read and feel energy fields and human emotions they could also determine behavioural patterns. This gift brought its many challenges.

Unable to live in psychologically polluted cities they sought refuge in country areas where human pollution was not as great. These sensitive souls incarnated for a purpose – to demonstrate a cleaner lifestyle. They show healthier and happier pathways to longevity.

These old souls have memories of living this way in the past times and are incarnating in greater numbers. A natural way of life surrounded by nature’s beauty enables their memories to become conscious. Joy fills their hearts and becomes a passion.

Other earthly beings reach a certain point in their evolution to the light and then collide with a brick wall. For the sensitives, it feels like a heavy grey blanket drapes over their minds and bodies. It is an effort to go about their normal daily lives. This is when a psychological break-through is needed.

Thank you for hearing our call. We are the Arcturians and we love you.


Because of the inner transformational work done by the awakened ones their DNA began to change. No longer were they triggered by dense emotion. They guarded their thoughts well and refused to lower their vibration. Many chose to live in country areas to maintain their vibratory levels. A new stage of growth, of evolutionary development, began. We, in the higher realms, rejoiced.

This next stage required even finer attention to internal detail, especially to feelings. Feelings are the gateway to freedom. When closely observing oneself feeling emotion, and choosing to follow the emotions of love and joy, a brighter future is created. It really is simple.

Ashtara, for your sake, and for the sake of those you serve, we ask that you pay more attention to your feelings. Follow those that arouse love and joy. Dance more, explore more and create scenarios to do so. We love, honour and respect you. We are the Arcturians and we will come again.

November 2018 transmissions

And it came to pass that in the midst of all the pain and suffering light began to dawn in the minds of many humans. Those who lived with illusion and denial could no longer do so. Each time they had a self-sabotaging thought a body part would immediately pain so that they eventually learned to tune into, and pay close attention to, their body’s signals.

Many lives can be saved through self-awareness. You will not read this is your medical books. All the cells in the body have an intelligence – a consciousness – wherever they are situated. The cells in a damaged body part scream out for acknowledgement. When acknowledged, and the metaphysical cause of the pain understood, the cells rejoice. The dark energy of thought contained within these cells has been pierced by the light of consciousness. The individual can now heal – but only if they refuse to perpetuate the same psychological game, no matter what is prescribed or what foods are eaten to correct the health problem. The ailing body part can only be healed by the light of conscious self-awareness.

Heart-felt forgiveness of any perceived perpetrator needs to follow, and then sincere forgiveness of self for attracting the experience in the first place. Rest, time, patience and being kind to yourself complete the healing. This is the stage when herbs, quality organic food, minerals and carefully selected vitamins can help. The cause of the pain must be established and rectified first. Why was the pain created and what story was the patient telling themselves? What secrets were they hiding? What illusions or fantasies have they lived under for years? The clarity of consciousness that only comes through self-awareness is the healing tool. It always has been and will continue to be.

Light, in the form of consciousness; love for self, Prime Creator and Mother Earth, and sound are the healers. Light, love and sound are free.


At the end of time as you know it a cataclysmic event is to take place that will restore balance to your precious planet earth. Your world as you have created it is no longer sustainable. Too much damage has been done to the Earth Mother who feeds and nourishes you. All are culpable. Those from the higher realms feel her pain. In civilisations past she experienced the same maltreatment. This human abuse must end and this day is drawing near. All living things on earth will experience this event according to their level of consciousness. To some it will seem magical, and to others, not so.

Once equilibrium is re-established life will begin again. This is when the Rainbow Warriors will be most needed. Because of your love, and the desire for peace in your hearts, and because of the light you carry, your wisdom, healing abilities and truth will be sorely needed. Always remember there is a divine plan for human evolution and what is to take place is part of this plan. Your light is to shine more brightly than ever before and there will be many opportunities to share it.

Those who carry the light and demonstrate love and respect for all life will not suffer. You will be called upon to do great things using your heart to guide. You will have warnings. Pay close attention to the animals and the birds and then stock up on supplies. You have been trained in your healing roles for many lifetimes. Never doubt the knowledge you have inside your cellular memory. It is to be awakened so it can be freely shared.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.