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Medical Astrology

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All disease is the result of inhibited soul life and this is true of all forms in all kingdoms.  Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Healing


Medical astrology has been used for aeons of time as a tool to not only prevent but also heal disease and pain. In Tibet it is a pre-requisite for obtaining a medical degree. Their current system was developed in 708 AD, by a much-travelled Tibetan scholar. In 2006 I saw copies of his original writings and participated in the current teachings in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Positioned carefully around the walls of the main teaching room at the training medical clinic and hospital were astrological mandalas connecting the zodiacal signs to the different parts of the body. The zodiacal signs were represented as animals and these animals rule particular body parts. During astrologically auspicious occasions medical students are required to travel great distances on foot to remote areas to pick special herbs and plants that heal specific diseases.

Many alchemists of ancient times studied astrology in order to develop an understanding of the Science of Energy in order to determine how cosmic influences affect different parts of the human body.  I have healed myself from many health problems, including severe depression, through the application of astrology to my life.

Disease is the end product of discordant energy. Imagine a polluted and dirty pond.  The water is stagnant and algae grow prolifically. The world-renowned water researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that water contains consciousness. He demonstrates both in his book Miracles of Water, and his global seminars how murky water, when frozen and later photographed, appears as a misshapen and unpleasant blob. Images taken of pure water demonstrate beautiful geometric shapes and forms. Scientists now believe the human body is made of 80% water. In astrology the element of water represents emotions and feelings. When human emotions are clean and pure the crystalline structure of our emotional water is a picture of great beauty. The body is healthy and full of vitality.

In the groundbreaking film, What the Bleep Do We Know?, the science of quantum physics demonstrated how the human body experiences cellular regeneration when fed with uplifting thoughts and emotions. Each of us can learn to keep our bodies fully charged to maximum energetic capacity by utilising the cosmic forces responsibly and consciously. An energetic vacuum is created when we become aware of self-destructive psychology – and decide to change it, no matter how challenging. We fill this empty space with the light of higher consciousness based on self-love.

Self-love is a by-product of genuine self-worth, self respect and self-value. Self-awareness needs to be developed to facilitate this process. Our level of consciousness is determined by self-awareness and self-knowledge. Astrology is a tool that can accelerate this evolutionary growth process.

Each of the zodiacal signs and planets relate to certain parts of the body. The Sun represents our vitality and our core essence, which is pure love.  The Sun and its zodiacal sign Leo, rules our heart and cardiovascular system. When we are out of love our heart can feel attacked and we suffer burnout. Our vitality is low. The Sun is the centre of our solar system and without its light, warmth and life force energy we would not exist. Without our vitality, the light of conscious self-understanding and love we do not exist very well.

The Moon, and its sign Cancer, relates to the fluids in our body, the secretions of the glands, digestive juices, mucous membranes, breasts and stomach. We can develop problems in these areas when we hold rigidly onto and suppress our emotions. Responsibly expressed emotions act as lubricating ‘oil’ to our body. If we out of touch with, and refuse to allow the responsible expression of our true feelings and emotions our feminine energy becomes blocked and our body suffers to the degree of energetic blockage.

Mercury rules our nervous system, which sends impulses and messages to every cell of the body. It also rules our respiratory system and the function of thought and hearing. Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. Gemini relates to our arms and lungs. Often people are unable to breathe deeply or access the truth of what is really ‘on their chest’. The psychological issue is usually based on an old trauma. They suffer illnesses such as asthma and lung related problems.  Mercury also co-rules Virgo.  Physiologically, Virgo rules the digestive tract, specifically the small intestines. Those with strong Virgo placements in their natal chart can be excessively mental and out of touch with their bodies. They can have problems digesting new ideas and information. Their digestive system can be their warning mechanism to let them know there is something psychologically amiss that they need to identify, digest and assimilate.

Venus, the goddess of beauty, relationships and love rules our throat and thyroid gland, kidneys and bladder. When we are out of ease in a relationship we can suffer bladder and kidney problems. Libra is also ruled by Venus and especially relates to the bladder and kidneys. When we feel ‘pissed off’ and frustrated with our partner, we suffer in these areas of the body. In fact we have no one else but ourselves to blame.

Taurus, a sign also related to Venus, rules the neck and throat. Throat problems, including those associated with our thyroid, arise when we do not speak the truth of our heart-felt feelings at the time of experiencing them. Mars, the warrior and aggressor, rules the blood, muscles, adrenal glands and all conditions arising from overheating such as fevers, infections and red rashes. Aries is the sign related to Mars. Aries rules the head. Think here of the battering ram, butting his head against a brick wall!  When we deny our need for self-assertion and experience instead frustration headaches and severe migraines are often the result. The suppressed emotional energy goes to the head.

Many of my clients and students have cured themselves of long-term migraines by choosing self-assertion and independent thought and action, especially within the context of a primary relationship.

Jupiter and its sign Sagittarius rule the liver, pancreas and the sciatic nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body. When unwilling to move forward in our soul’s direction these areas of our body can experience health problems. Jupiter also rules excess growth such as tumours or obesity.

Saturn, as Lord of Karma and the timing of our soul growth governs the body structure, backbone, teeth, joints, nails and skin. It is often under a Saturn transit to a birth chart placement that people have problems in these areas.  Our knees carry a great deal of fear, such as fear of failure, fear of success or fear of taking the next step forward in life. Osteoporosis can begin under a Saturn transit if we are unwilling to allow positive and uplifting psychological lubrication. Saturn also rules karmic diseases and they often appear as a result of a prior life cause. Often when the cause is identified and the dysfunctional psychological issue and its associated meaning understood, cognition on the cellular level occurs within all bodies and the soul is set free from the past blockage. The individual feels this and accepts the truth of the body’s wisdom. When the acceptance is fully integrated and the individual choose to act positively upon this wisdom the disease or illness passes. This process takes self-awareness and the ability to see the bigger picture behind their creation.

Uranus, the awakener and illuminator of consciousness, is a higher octave to Mercury. It also rules the nervous system and the electricity that courses through the nerve channels. Spasms, cramps and irregular heartbeat occur under a Uranus transit to a natal planet. Aquarius, the sign assigned to Uranus, rules the ankles and those with erratic and nervous temperaments can have problems with their ankles.  It would be advisable to learn techniques such as yoga and meditation to calm agitated nervous energy.   Neptune, Lord of the Sea, rules the cerebrospinal fluid, the pineal gland and the lymphatic system.  It governs obscure diseases, those that cannot be defined and that appear veiled to the diagnostician. It also rules alcoholism, addictions, hallucinations, schizophrenia and other psychoses. Pisces is its assigned sign and rules the feet. Our feet carry us through life and if we do not understand our direction clearly, or fearfully refuse to take the direction our soul requires we can have problems without feet.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, rules our reproductive and eliminatory organs, including the colon and anus.  It relates to the destruction and regeneration of tissue and to the transformation and regeneration of cells. Scorpio rules the reproductive and eliminatory system. Those people unwilling to release old emotional garbage can have health difficulties in these areas of their body. Deep psychological issues and themes are hidden within the depths of the subconscious realms and cause cellular destruction. The issues can be accessed through learning and applying astrology to one’s life.

Chiron, a renegade cosmic body, situated between Saturn and Uranus, has a great influence on natural health and healing.  Since its discovery in November 1977 a huge leap forward in natural health practices has occurred. Chiron, from the Greek root meaning “hand” rules the hands and the deep psychological wounds we experience that are based on fear and the trauma of separation. According to the Greek myth Chiron taught Asclepius the art of healing and to Hercules he taught astrology.  Asclepius brought together astrology with the parts of the body and their diseases as well as the timing for the illness. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine later contributed to this philosophy. The medical symbol of the caduceus, two serpents entwined around a central staff, is still used today and comes from this time.

Four asteroid goddesses relate to different aspects of health and healing.  Ceres, or Demeter as she is often known, is related to the fertility cycles for women. A person who has a prominent Ceres in their charts can have strong healing and nurturing tendencies or, if under hard aspect a woman can suffer difficulties with her menstrual cycle. The goddess Vesta, goddess of the hearth and flame is related to the purity and spiritual devotion associated with Virgo. Physiologically she relates to problems with sexual issues. Juno, Goddess of marriage also governs the female reproductive cycle as well as psychological issues of sexual and physical abuse of women by men. Pallas Athena, a goddess who favoured masculinity over her femininity, rules poor vision and colour blindness.

When a particular body part is experiencing pain it is an indication there is a blockage of energy to that part. The psychological problem associated with that particular body part could be identified through studying the individual’s birth chart.  A hard aspect indicates a blockage of energetic flow based on an old psychological issue. Through questioning the client a medical astrologer can ascertain the theme associated with the hard aspect and assist their client to resolve it.  Once the client has self-awareness they then need to take positive action to address the issue.  No one else can do this for them.  Once the positive action is taken, and this will take willpower, desire and dedication, the cells rejoice and healing begins.

Imagine you are holding a new born baby or a little puppy. Your heart rejoices as you connect with and behold this innocent creature. A warm feeling of love arises in your heart and you enjoy and appreciate the closeness and preciousness of the moment. This warm feeling of love is healing. The energy of love permeates your heart, the heart pumps this energy to the surrounding cells and they lap it up.  “Give me more,” they cry.  When the body is filled with this love juice illness cannot exist.  You can consciously choose to create your world filled with love and joy and the result will be a healthy and vibrant body.

Our body has all the knowledge to self-heal when given the natural means to do so. In order to do so it is important to identify the dense emotional blockages by feeling them. The body needs to participate in the feeling however the mind needs to view the experience objectively, from a Higher Self perspective. The emotional body needs to be healed of its energetic density before healing can occur.

Should the internal pollution not be handled wisely then disease can occur that leads to an early death.

There are many personal examples I can give of self-healing through astrology however a group healing is the one that comes to mind.  There was a study done in the USA many years ago.  A large group of people were gathered together to partake of an experiment.  All had terminal cancer and were given three months to live. The scientist in charge of the experiment asked them to consider the possibility that their disease may have been caused by psychological dysfunctionality.  He then suggested a means by which a cure could be possible and asked if they were willing to experiment with it.  It would need them to permanently change a habitual psychological behavioural pattern. They all agreed to participate.

All but 10% recovered. The 10% who passed away were unable to change their dysfunctional patterning. They had been given the tool but could not take the necessary self-loving action that was needed to heal.  The psychological pattern had an Aries/Libran theme. I call it ‘The Pleasing Game”.  “ I give my will, power and life force energy to you in order to please you. Hopefully this will create peace in our relationship”. What happens instead is that deep resentment builds and finally eats into cells of the unconscious Pleaser and can manifest as cancer.

Many people no longer feed their bodies natural and healthy foods. Many young mothers have no idea how to prepare and cook a healthy meal for their families. Processed and genetically modified foods have much of the natural goodness from the earth, Sun and other celestial bodies taken from them. The body needs holistic natural food in order to function to its maximum capacity. It also needs clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink. Our chief physician is our own body. It knows the best foods and herbs to consume. Do we listen attentively to decipher its messages?  Disease per se is the result of distancing ourselves from natural systems designed to take care of our bodies.

The celestial energetic system is a natural system and we can learn to interact with this intelligence by developing an understanding of our bodies. To do this we need to learn to feel and enlist all our senses, especially our intuition.

Astrology is a tool to assist this natural process. It can be used to develop self-awareness through self-knowledge. The birth chart illuminates, and an aware astrologer can identify the psychological issue behind the health problem.

Our mind doesn’t always want to know the truth of our feelings and emotions so continues to self-destruct with negativity until such time as an illness ‘wake-up call’ is experienced. This ‘call’ is often the necessary ingredient that begins the evolutionary developmental process towards higher consciousness through self-awareness and self-knowledge. However, some people would rather die than change their psychology.

The dense physical body is the final repository of the disharmony that exists within the mental and emotional/astral bodies. Medical intuitives and clairvoyants can see this discordant energy and can often determine the karmic causes.  Those who are sensitive with gifts of clairsentience can feel where the auric field contains contamination. Some astrologers can assist their clients identify the psychological issue that created the disease and give them tools to self-heal.