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Esoteric Psychology

Life – Birth and Re-birth

By May 27, 2015No Comments

Biologists tell us that our body’s cells are constantly dying, and being replaced by new ones. This means we change our body regularly even though the changes are often imperceptible. Each of us has a number of “different” bodies in this life. The body of an adult is different from the body that same person had as an infant. Something similar happens at the time of death, when the physical body cannot be worked any more, the individual undergoes a change. The consciousness or soul/spirit within that body departs to create a life elsewhere. It doesn’t die.

All souls incarnate and re-incarnate under the universal Law of Rebirth. Each life is not only a recapitulation of life experiences but also an assuming of ancient obligations. We also experience a recovery of old relations, an opportunity for the paying of old indebtedness along with the opportunity to make restitution and progress. An awakening of deep-seated qualities occurs the more conscious and self-aware we become. From this awareness it is easy to recognize old friends and enemies and find solutions to injustices.

This immutable Law of Re-birth is crying out for universal recognition and acceptance, and, when understood and integrated by thinking people, will do much to solve the current world problems including those of sex and marriage.

When this law is admitted as a governing intellectual principle all people will tread more carefully the path of life and proceed with greater caution to fulfil their family and group obligations. They will know that “whatsoever a man soweth he will also reap” (universal Law of Cause and Effect) and that he or she is likely to reap it this lifetime. Choices will then be made to internally adjust to everyday life upon earth, which provides a wonderful heaven for the awakened and self-aware soul and a difficult hell for those who unwilling to awaken and change.

“Love our neighbour as ourselves” is a postulate spoken by Jesus, the Christ. Have we paid attention? Two thousand years have passed since we were asked to do so yet hate, aggression and power plays demonstrate clearly we have not. We still use our powers for selfish ends, our bodies and appetites for material pleasure and personal gain. I wonder what our world would now look like if we had listened then? Isn’t it time we applied the teaching to our life?

When we can understand that our neighbour is a soul, as we are, and that energetic circumstances have thrown us together to learn about ourselves through the other, we can consciously choose to transform our inner dynamics. Is our desire to create a peaceful and joyous world for our children greater than our selfishness?

May 2015