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January 2019

By January 14, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

And it came to pass that the human experiment often faltered through lack of psychological self-awareness. The radiant feelings of gratitude, love and joy are important to generate if there is to be a new Camelot on earth. This can often be challenging for some. Fears and insecurities need to be realised and overcome before genuine feelings of love, gratitude and joy become a constant in day-to-day life.

As a child focuses on creative play so too must adults remember to do the same. Children see the world through an innocent perception. They see clearly what is.  An adult mind will try to enforce logic and structure on what is seen. Humans increasingly allow their minds to rule their lives rather than allowing their hearts to do so. To the mind, structure is needed to keep it safe. When structure is allowed to rule the mind and take over the life, health suffers.

When allowing the flow of love to guide, all of life strives to support love. It is so.

Become aware of your minds’ attempts to govern your life. It is only when you become aware can you change.

We ask you to remember this message.



Within a certain time period many people will be given the urge to make previously un-thought of moves to a different locality. This may come as a surprise to many – others will be prepared. Emotions may arise as the old life passes by and the new begins.

Around the globe The Rainbow Warriors are being called to make their homes in areas where their light is needed. These different global pockets will connect to the light beams carried by these aware souls. A planned light patterning will become a constant guide to those of us in the higher dimensional realms. Imagine a giant spider web of light particles brightening the night sky and you will understand.

Many will resist the move to new locations. This message is to support them in their decision making process. The eventual light grid is time coded – to activate the implementation of the new Camelot.

We are the Arcturians, and we love you.



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