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Holistic Nutrition

By June 12, 2015September 3rd, 2018No Comments

The physical body is only as good as the thoughts that go into it. If we programme our mind to only have positive thoughts, not only about our body but also about everything else in life, our body will remain in a healthy state.

The opposite is also true. A sick person harbours negative thoughts that may, or may not be conscious. All in the individual’s field of influence, including the environment, experiences this negative energy.

Everything in our universe is energy vibrating at different speeds. Ill health is a ‘wake-up’ call to become acutely aware of the thoughts we think and to transform those that are dense, heavy and of a low vibration. Japanese scientific researcher Dr Masuru Emoto proved how consciousness has an effect on water. Water is the carrier of consciousness in our bodies. When warm and loving thoughts and feelings were generated by the onlookers of his experiments and consciously sent to containers of water, and the water frozen, beautiful geometric patterns formed. The loving consciousness generated by the people affected the crystalline structure of the water. On the other hand when dark and abusive thoughts and feelings were directed into the water, and the water frozen, distorted patterns formed. Consciousness has an affect on the water in our bodies and we are made of approximately 80% water.

One of the ways to become conscious of our subconscious self-destructive thoughts is to develop a deeper and higher understanding of our inner motivations by studying esoteric healing subjects such as those provided on this website.

It takes practice and persistence to change one’s mind to positive thinking, however the results are so worthwhile. When we re-programme our brain to always think positive thoughts this energy is sent out to the ethers and experienced by planet Earth. It acts as a healing tool. This peaceful process can start with one individual and then grow.

April 2015