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Holistic Health & Healing

By May 29, 2015June 2nd, 2015No Comments

I travelled to Tibet in 2006 and was delighted to be part of a medical class of approximately 120 students. The teacher spoke English. This memorable experience was not on the tourist agenda and happened by a seeming “accident”. I felt privileged to be there and it was the highlight of my Tibetan experience. Around the walls of the large teaching room were twelve prominent images of astrology charts. Each one depicted a sign of the zodiac represented by a Tibetan animal and the particular parts of the body each sign governs. The Tibetan astrological model is a circular one, as is our Western one. In our Western astrological model each sign of the zodiac governs particular parts of the body. Both models correlate to each other.

In the teaching room was also a waist high rectangular sealed glass cabinet anchored on four wooden legs. An ancient sepia coloured manuscript written around 680 AD occupied the narrow inner space. It contained valuable information about holistic healing of the human body.

These two ancient sources of information are mandatory teachings that each Tibetan medical student is required to learn. My travelling companion and I were told that three years of astrological study are required before a student can obtain a medical degree. It used to be seven. We were also told that the best healing herbs are grown in certain areas of Tibet, some inaccessible at different times of the year, and the students have to learn where they are to be found, what time of the astrological year they are to be picked, and how to use them for healing purposes.

Since that trip my interest in medical astrology increased and I’ve continued working with it, and metaphysics, to heal myself from health problems. I’ve also travelled to many other countries where ancient wisdom healing teachings have been successfully practiced for thousands of years. I observed and experienced healing techniques and have applied those teachings to myself. The ancient wisdom teachings are based on the understanding that the human body is a perfectly designed system of energy and that optimum health is experienced when all the systems contained within it operate in harmony.

I’ve learned that every cell in our body contains memory. Blocked psychological energy (problematic memories) creates dense cellular mass that leads to illness and disease. The causal memories are mostly unconscious yet reveal themselves through dedicated inner exploration. There are many holistic energy healers now who understand the energetic mechanisms of our four bodies (spiritual/mental/emotional and physical) and can ascertain where energy blockages are. Many are able to access psychological cause of the physical problem and trigger the release of the dense shadow energy containing the blocked memory. However, to avoid a recurrence of the problem the individual needs to take responsibility for having created it and consciously work on the present psychological issues connected to the revealed past.

Yoga, when mindfully and properly taught, is a wonderful practice that helps release blocked energy to enable union between body, mind and spirit. It is an ancient philosophy and science that continually increases in popularity – because it works.

May 2015