Understanding that physical good health is dependent upon psychological health Ashtara used astrology to heal herself from depression, bone problems and other health problems. She learned to take responsibility for creating her psychological states of being and she teaches students to do the same. Ashtara views astrology as both a vibrational healing tool and an evolutionary tool to intimately know oneself. Knowing that love is the greatest healer she learned to raise her love vibration whenever she needs to heal or strengthen different parts of her body. She also uses metaphysics.  Metaphysics means beyond the physical. Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life is a clear demonstration of using metaphysics as a healing tool. Ashtara recommends it. When the cause of disease or health problems is combined with astrological concepts, healing can occur quickly.

We are each a divine and integral part of the greater Whole. Ashtara uses a hologram to convey understanding of this concept. The Source of All Love and Light is an infinite hologram. Within this hologram is every soul that ever existed. Your soul is within this hologram and it is surrounded by, and infused by, the Source of All Love and Light. You are the centre of your world, the life you live inside the infinite hologram.  When you evolve into greater self-awareness and self-love, this lighter energy touches all within the infinite hologram. You are a vitally important part of the divine plan.  Why not decide to be the love and light that you are? Why not decide to allow your soul free expression? You can tune into your soul’s guidance through the loving and uplifting feelings in your heart. The soul’s guidance does not come through the intellect.

David R. Hawkins MD, PhD wrote a book titled Power vs Force, the Hidden Determinates of Human Behavior.  In it he demonstrates a Map of Consciousness that shows how emotions, perceptions, attitudes, worldviews and spiritual beliefs affect our consciousness levels. He scientifically tested his findings before sharing them in his book. To the highest level of pure consciousness – enlightenment – he gives a score of 1000. To reach this highest state of being, known to many as nirvana or bliss, each of us needs to develop constant feelings of peace, joy, acceptance, serenity and reverence. And to know, without a shadow of doubt, that we are always connected to God, the Divine Source of Love and Light. Our essence is Love. Love does make the world go around and love is the greatest healer.  The frequency of divine Love can be self-generated within the heart.  Developing self-love, self-belief and self-trust, and allowing your Soul’s agenda to guide your daily life, is a big forward step towards Universal, or Christ consciousness.

The lowest numerical levels depicted in Hawkins Map of Consciousness are 20 to 100.  This level of consciousness arises from the emotions of shame, humiliation, guilt, blame, apathy, despair, hopelessness, criticism and fear. In Ashtara’s spiritual astrology teachings she helps people to recognize, acknowledge and move through these dense emotions to reclaim the love that they are. By living life fearlessly through self-love, self-trust, self-respect and self-belief, guided by your soul, your levels of self-awareness will increase dramatically, as will your health.

“The opportunity of participating in a workshop, any workshop, with Ashtara is in itself a golden opportunity. However, in addition, this particular workshop, Creating Optimal Health and Well Being through Spiritual Astrology, was exactly right for where my focus rests at this time.

And I have come away with so much more than I had hoped for!

Astonishing new knowledge of just how perfectly astrology can be used as an integral and acutely effective tool in the healing process, but in addition, a personal gift of new insight on my current direction; confirmation that this new path I have chosen matches so well with my personal astrological map!  I am joyously grateful, and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity of participating in this exceptional workshop, with such wonderful fellow participants and with a teacher of the skill and eminence of Ashtara.”

Regina Sebright

“You are your teaching.  It is obvious you have experimented on yourself first before teaching others. You have a wonderful way with people. They end up doing their work themselves however it’s your non-judgmental love and caring that makes them feel safe and willing to explore and go deeper. I’m pleased to have known and met you, and to be exposed to your teaching. You inspire me.”

Miranda – Bali

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