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Healing Room

Super sensitive to negative influences it was through ill health and necessity I sought and use natural vibrational tools to heal myself. When my healing journey began I was considered crazy because I was way ahead of the times. I have a scientific brain and like to experiment on myself to ascertain truth. When my body, mind, emotions and spirit respond positively to the experiential process I know it works. Rarely do I visit a doctor because my body and mind can’t handle drugs. I respect the medical profession and use their services if I break a bone or experience something needing diagnosis. Each person’s body and mind is unique and needs to be treated as such.

In my healing room I provide solace for troubled souls.

To those who are lost, stressed, lack joy, fulfilment and love the opportunity is available to self-heal. The path is challenging and a dedicated commitment to the process is needed. Having learned to naturally move through, and to rise above, major health and life challenges I dedicate my life to supporting others do the same. This journey enables the development of self-awareness and higher consciousness through self-love, mindfulness, and the willingness to take personal responsibility for emotions, thoughts and deeds.

Each of us has the potential to experience the light and love of cosmic consciousness. In order to do so personal density needs to become conscious, accepted and loved to death before it can be alchemised into light. Through the study and application of spiritual astrology to our lives we can become conscious participants in our evolutionary game of life and, through the developed self-awareness, generate self-healing. This is a path to truth and enlightenment. To aid your evolutionary journey to the light I provide astrological and spiritual guidance as:

  • Moon Musings and other free articles
  • Enlightening consultations: (Sessions provide healing opportunities to become conscious of, and transform, the deep and resistant psychological blockages indicated in your birth chart).
  • Astrology classes
  • Astrology Reports
  • Magdalen Codes spiritual ascension workshops and retreats.
  • Inspiring books.

It was on the first morning (of the Magdalen weekend Retreat) that I realised there had already been so much learning, awareness, fun and healing and we had barely finished breakfast! Now as I look back over the weekend in its entirety I am still in awe. Thank you Ashtara, for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of the ages. With a keen sense of fun and such a zest for life you gently facilitated our guidance along the path of conscious awareness. Bless you!” Susan – teacher – Gold Coast.

Ashtara’s spiritual Astrology books speak to you rather than at you. She guides the reader into a journey of self-discovery through the awakening of consciousness. Her simple language speaks volumes of knowledge; her wise insights inspire and activate her readers/students to explore their inner motivations. I have not only seen transformation and empowerment within my students but also in myself as a result of teaching Ashtara’s work.
I am forever thankful.” Kathy Wise, Toowoomba

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Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace