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Glossary/ Definitions

Akashic records

A nonphysical repository of all universal knowledge: or, a universal energy field of information- that includes all human experience. Every human can access their personal Akashic records should they choose to elevate their consciousness sufficiently to do so.


Is a step-by-step process that every human Soul takes on its return journey to merge with Great Spirit/God/Supreme Intelligence – Source of all life. When this takes place is determined by the consciousness level of each incarnated Soul. Ascension from this earthly 3D plane is one step in the process.

Astral plane

This plane of illusion, archetypes, glamour and a distorted representation of reality relates to the emotional plane. There is a lower and higher astral world.

Children of Light

Many souls with a highly evolved consciousness are incarnating now – eager to advance their Ascension journey. They embody greater light. (Light = consciousness) Often they are born to unconscious parents and experience enormous difficulties and frustration. They feel alien, alone and misunderstood. Should their parents choose not to become conscious then the children suffer greater hardship. They are our future – because they see beyond the dense veil of 3D reality. They know how to create a better world and need support to do so.


Is what the universe is made of and two of the forms it takes are matter and energy.

Subjectivity, the action of consciousness upon a part of matter, is an essential component in the nature of reality. Science tells us that underneath what we know of the world lay a field of pure consciousness. Some spiritual scientists refer to it as God consciousness.

Christ Consciousness

Is the embodiment of the Christ vibration that arises from full knowledge and awareness of self and creation as one unified whole. Compassion, divine wisdom, unconditional divine love, and a non-judgmental attitude to life, are pre-requisites to its embodiment. Sometimes referred to as cosmic or galactic consciousness.


To be able to see life in its true perspective one needs to acquire an inner divine detachment. Then one is free, completely untouched by external events. This process requires developing an observer/witness perspective. Observe self – feeling, thinking and doing and observe others, and events, without emotional reaction and judgments. This state of consciousness enables true empowerment.

Divine Will

Is the conscious desire to always work for the greater good of the whole in alignment with individual soul purpose. When embodied Divine Will manifests as spiritualized power.

Energy package

In the unevolved human dense vibrational information packages exist in the subconscious often originating from former life experiences. They magnetically attract like in order for that individual to know him or her self, and evolve their consciousness through the resulting experiences.

In a more evolved human the vibrational information packages contain symbols and pictures that, when downloaded into an open and aware mind, enable the individual to quickly advance their consciousness.


Is a philosophical approach to life that seeks to discover meaning – the reason why – and how meaning fits into the larger whole. An Esotericist has had training in the realm of meaning and freely functions in it having developed a witness perspective to life’s subjective intricacies. An Esotericist is occupied with the soul aspect rather than the personality (the lower self) and brings down to earth those energies emanating from the highest realms – and practically anchors them.

Esoteric Astrology

Looks to ascertain causes rather than effects and deals with the development and evolution of the human soul. Esoteric Astrology is often called the Science of Relationships because it connects all the energetic systems i.e. human, zodiacal and stellar.

Esoteric Study

Begins by questing to uncover meanings, the reason why. Then the focus becomes that of the larger Whole. The world of meaning spreads like a network over all of life’s activities.

Etheric Body

The non-physical soul body

Free Will

The original God-given gift to every soul giving it the option to do whatever it wishes, regardless of whether or not it is for the highest good.

Golden Age of Peace

The Golden Age of Peace has been prophesized to take place during the Aquarian Age – an approximately two thousand- year period. External peace can only manifest when enough humans develop internal peace. It’s an Age where amazing creativity, freedom and divine Grace emerge from the collective human consciousness when civilizations shift their consciousness from a lower to a higher frequency. In other words – the collective consciousness shifts from a dense third dimensional frequency to that of the fifth dimension – based on divine love.

Higher Self

Is a light package the same as Soul and is also known as the Spiritual Self, the Inner Spiritual Sun; the flame of Spirit; the Observer and Christ principle.

Higher Consciousness

Requires the development of self-consciousness- a state of being in which the individual is both a participant in life and, at the same time, an observer of the way in which one participates. A developed self-conscious individual observes, as if from above themselves, their emotional, physical and mental responses to every life situations at the time of experiencing them. They have the ability to understand the consequences (karma) of their thoughts, feelings and actions, not only at the time of experiencing them but also in the future. The expression of self-consciousness is specifically associated with a small evolutionary adaption in the brain known as the pre-frontal vortex.


The human Spirit never dies. It progresses step by step upon the evolutionary path through continual rebirth. The Law of Cause and Effect (The Law of Karma) influences the Law of Rebirth. Humans reincarnate until such time as we decide to develop self-knowledge. This leads to self-realization and soul-infusion. Through this progress we begin to embody the qualities of universal love and the willingness to accept responsibility for our past.


When a human begins to live as a soul and has learned the lessons of accepting guidance from it, he or she becomes less self-centred. The world of illusion no longer attracts. This individual then begins to develop self-forgetfulness and the willingness to stand firmly on his or her own feet, seeking aid inside self. At this stage of consciousness development it passes from the observer to that of the co-operative Communicator. He or she is then able to communicate only that which is impersonal and constructive having no need to feed the emotional desire nature. It has no longing for future success, or the desire for contact with another higher in consciousness to self.


Soul evolution involving gradual expansion of consciousness through which successive stages of unification, and the embodiment of divine love, takes place.

Initiate Training

Initiate training is the process of alchemizing the quality of one’s being so that attunement to the Celestial Soul becomes clear and unobstructed. When this occurs Serpent Wisdom emerges.


Intuition is the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity of the innate sense, apart from the reasoning or logical processes. It comes into activity when the resources of the lower mind have been used explored and exhausted. It is a sense of synthesis, the ability to think in wholes, and to touch the world of causes.

a) Is light itself. It enables the individual to grasp reality with clarity, free from glamour and illusion. It is a growth of sensitivity and an inner response to the soul, a process that must be cultivated with care. It arises through illumination (of the mind), understanding, love and personality detachment. It comes through the development of mental clarity, attentive focus, openness and receptivity to truth. It is a higher power to the mind and lies beyond the world of the ego. It is latent in every human being and comes as direct knowledge. It carries revelation – that can be of divine purpose. Our future civilizations will be based on intuition.

b) When the conscious mind collects the known facts and feeds them into the subconscious mind, the subconscious acts upon this information. And, in a flash of intuition, sends the current analysis back to the conscious mind. Intuition is based on sensitive, clear reason. This is why we can hand over a specific problem to our subconscious before going to sleep at night knowing that a clear answer will emerge once our mind has been awakened, is free from ego illusions, and is receptive and open.

Light Body

A perfected fifth dimensional Christed body, ageless and beautiful, filled with the light of higher consciousness and Universal Love. We humans are evolving into air- based (mental) light bodies. We currently operate in dense water-based (emotional) bodies.

Lost Souls

If a human neglects, for a long period, his or her spiritual development to concentrate on intellectual and material pursuits for selfish ends he or she can sever their connection with the Soul – for aeons of time.


Love is a high vibration experienced when connected to the internal flame of Spirit. It is the nature of the soul, as is the will-to-good. It is the impelling force behind all of manifested creation and the force that maintains universal order. The personality gradually develops the soul’s love vibration through various evolutionary stages. First it learns to self-love, then to accept, and unconditionally love, family, partners and friends. The love vibration then increases to the love of humanity. Eventually it embodies Universal Love. This higher vibrational love is of a non-sentimental and emotionally detached nature. It is a deep and abiding love that pours through the personality when it becomes soul-infused. The individual knows and feels united with Source (God/Goddess). This love streams into the environment setting the personality free from limited expression.


The human ability to carve our new pathways in the brain whereby we override our genetic code that contains attitudes, beliefs and conditioned thought forms. Our brain is capable of creating completely new neural pathways, no matter how old we are.


A one-time composite of soul fragments selected by the Soul group prior to incarnation – to fulfil a specific soul purpose. Often referred to as the lower self.

Serpent Power:

Sometimes knows as the kundalini energy coiled etherically at the base of the human spine. When activated it can be seen psychically as a blue fire ascending up the spine (laterally and horizontally) into the brain, opening circuits and increasing the brain’s potential for intelligence, creativity and receptivity. There are two living energy ‘serpents’ resident on each side of the human spine. The one on the left is called, in yogic tradition, Ida and is seen as black representing the feminine lunar void. The one on the right, Pingala, is seen as gold and represents solar masculine energy. As an initiate alchemizes and purifies their inner psychological density these two serpents begin to vibrate and move. They eventually move up the spine and face each other at the third eye chakra. A secretion, called amrit in the Sanskrit yoga tradition, drops onto this area and activates potentiality.

When unified in the crown chakra energetic openings take place enabling greater magnetism and higher capabilities. The subtle realms (quantum inner worlds) hold the best type of substances for alchemical transformation into greater light. Self- awareness in the now moment is necessary

Initiate training is to alchemize the quality of one’s being so that attunement to the Celestial Soul becomes clear and unobstructed. When this occurs Serpent Wisdom emerges.


The human spirit never dies and drives an individual forward into some form of development –mental, emotional, intuitional, social and physical. All forward activity eventually leads to the Path of Evolution and Higher Consciousness. A spiritual person is one who is aware of, and fosters, the fire of eternal Spirit.

Spiritual Void

When an individual has spent years, or lifetimes, pursuing purely material interests and has lost touch with his soul and evolutionary purpose.


Existing, from the beginning, as a package of light and always connected to Source. A guiding force behind the personality, with an agenda of its own. It feeds its vast knowledge from its many incarnational experiences into the Creator’s knowledge bank – a hologram of light. Light = information. Science is now proving its existence through innovative photography.


The third dimension is what souls agree to experience in order to evolve more rapidly into greater light. It is a dense and intense plane where humans experience the illusion of separation and where many lessons are learned. Earth can be likened to a 3D educational centre where four main levels of consciousness are experienced. First there is kindergarten, then primary school, secondary school and finally university. The personality, or lower self, operates in this vibrational field of experience. Through dense experiences connected to The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) it evolves into the greater light and Universal Love of the 5D plane. The university stage is reached when an individual embodies sufficient light through self-knowledge, self-realization and soul infusion.


The fourth dimensional vibrational plane currently overlaps 3D. The vibratory rate of reality is stepped up and we are being challenged to accelerate our consciousness development. Intense personal issues arise that require rapid, and conscious, resolution. Negativity must be cleared and responsibility taken for our life creations. 4D provides the vibration to consciously develop our Light Body through soul infusion, higher consciousness and Universal Love. It connects to the astral plane.


This vibration enables the manifestation of the Golden Age of Peace. It is a realm where souls are unlimited in expression and where manifestation occurs quickly.

The Higher Self (Soul) rules the personality – and the individual is attuned to Divine Will. “Thy Will – not mine- be done” is the self- realised love-felt mantra. Abundant creativity, wisdom and joy are experienced daily. The shift into the higher frequencies of Universal Love and Divine Light has been accomplished.

The Great White Brotherhood

The Ascended Spiritual Masters are also known as the Great White Brotherhood. They are etheric beings of great Light. They have passed their earthly initiations and ascended to a higher realm of consciousness i.e. a higher energetic state of Light and Love. They operate on a higher frequency to that of humanity and exist in a more refined dimension of time and space. Jesus (Yeshua) is one such Master. He attained his status through the crucible/crucifixion experience. Buddha is another Ascended Master.

Spiritual Masters

Can be understood as a graded organization responsible for down loading the highest frequencies of Divine Will and Divine Love onto this planet. A Master is at the centre of a grouping of souls, all of whom resonate to the same Ray frequency. All of humanity will graduate to one of these centres eventually. These Centres, called Ashrams, operate on a higher invisible dimension. Individuals can access these dimensions through the development of higher consciousness. This leads to the state of multi-dimensional consciousness.


True responsibility is an outstanding characteristic of the soul. It requires the willingness to accept, and take responsibility for, your self-created world, knowing it is the result of lifetimes of your own actions, experience and learning. A soul-infused personality sees the wisdom of this soul directed path and is prepared to take on the tasks life presents.


Emerges as a product of higher consciousness. It develops over many lifetimes following the progress of the spirit through many ever-changing personality vehicles (one-time composites of soul fragments). It deals with the essence of things – rather than the things themselves. It is the intuitive apprehension of truth and the innate perception that distinguishes between the false and the true, between the real and the unreal.

(I acknowledge the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul (D.K.) transmitting through Alice A. Bailey’s writings, as the Light behind some of these definitions.)


April 2015

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace