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Over many years of teaching and facilitating workshops, I’ve led students into spontaneous, unplanned meditations.

Two of my students recorded some of them by phone and I am extremely grateful to Gary Carroll and Judith McDougall for doing so. 

Most of them are not accompanied by music. In some, there is a little background noise. None of them have been edited.

My students found the meditations supportive and empowering.

I freely offer them to you to download should you feel inspired to do so.

My hope is that they will accelerate your spiritual journey into higher consciousness and the experience of Divine love.

  • Ashtara Clarity Meditation
  • Right Left Brain Balance Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra with Ashtara
  • Gratitude Guides
  • The Crystal Door
  • Oneness Within Me
  • Earth Image
  • Invoking the Light

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace