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February 2020

By February 10, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

“In times to come the healing power of sound and light will become well known. Vibrational healing will take the place of the methods practiced today. Everything in nature vibrates, and when resonance occurs between different life forms harmony results. Dissonance causes disease. Stress is a killer.

You can imagine the human body as an orchestra, with the different organs vibrating at different speeds. When resonance between the organs occurs harmony and health result. Where there is dissonance, dis-ease results. So simple.

Prolonged dissonance creates chronic disease. Resonance can be learned, and it’s never too late to do so. Self-awareness is the key. Through increasing self-awareness comes higher consciousness. Living life in present-time self-awareness, observing oneself thinking, feeling and doing without judgement results in internal resonance. Mindfulness can be learned. An over-active critical mind, filled with anxiety and dark thoughts creates dissonance.

Healing benefits will occur when you decide to change your daily life to include regular periods of mental stillness whereby you learn to become a witness to your thoughts. Internal harmony creates external harmony. Should you desire peace and harmony this simple tool is always available.

The regular practice of toning vowel sounds during meditation, following a process of long, conscious deep breathing, aids your internal orchestra to play harmonious melodies. In the moments of mental stillness resonance occurs. Forcing the toning sounds results in dissonance, and a sore throat. Be kind to your body and choose to create internal resonance.”


“For some, life will become more intense and challenging because of their level of resistance to change. They may feel out of control as old psychological wounds emerge from their subconscious to be acknowledged, realised and healed.

As the light increases its effect the dark will do its best to maintain status. It takes spiritual will and desire to release shadow psychology.

The light of higher consciousness is available to all. The development of self-awareness through mindfulness is the pathway.

Engaging in mental babble, often brought about by focusing on external stimulation from social media and television, prevents mindfulness.  Developing mental stillness enables mindfulness. There are many ways to do this. Through your desire and intention to do so, the way will be shown. For some, it is through focused study, for others it is meditation or spending relaxed time in nature.

The long cosmic cycle whereby human ignorance prevailed is over. A new era of human emergence into greater light has begun. Light refers to the light of cosmic consciousness and is available to all. How many souls will choose this path of love and peace? How many are willing to release addictions to mental babble? Life is lived according to personal choice.  What life choices are you making?

We are the Arcturians and we love and care for you”


“From time immemorial humans have attempted to understand the natural workings of Universal order. Many have sought complexity, others simplicity.

Humans have evolved over millions, nay trillions of your calendar years to who you are now. The evolutionary process continues. When mind was introduced, a major change to this evolutionary process took place. Complexity often overshadowed simplicity. The human brain can be used to simplify or to create complexity.

When it is understood that light and sound are the basic components of creation, and these components are used to elevate consciousness, a further acceleration can take place. This process is occurring throughout the Age of Aquarius. Not all humans are coded to awaken to this understanding. They have chosen to continue living in shadow.

Others have chosen to live in the light of cosmic consciousness. To live in the light of cosmic consciousness requires the release of shadow psychology. The purity of personal intention is needed to enable the realisation and release of density. When break-through occurs, willingness is needed to act according to the revealed light of self-awareness.

We speak simply.

We are the Arcturians, we love and care for you, and we will come again.”