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February 2019

By February 2, 2019July 30th, 2020No Comments

And it came to pass that, as human psychological contamination created greater shadows earth changes began to accelerate. The beauty and abundance of nature declined. Plants cannot grow into natural magnificence when pollutants are prevalent. A correction is needed otherwise species survival is at risk.

Humans are like plants. Both thrive in fresh, clean air, sunshine and clean water. Animals also need the same. When the oceans, rivers and lakes become polluted what will happen to all species? Can you clearly see the problem? Through unconscious human behaviour much damage is being done. It can be corrected – through desire. Desire to improve one’s psychology and behaviour. From desire to improve comes intention. And then comes commitment to planetary clean up – the cleaning up of personal psychology and behaviour.

We, in the non-physical dimensions, can do much but we need an army of Rainbow Warriors to carry out the great work. So many are called. Many hear the call. A sustained and persistent effort is required to do the inner work, and this appears to be a challenge.

Separation from love, and lack of respect for nature are major problems on planet Earth at this time. These problems are about to be corrected. The Rainbow Warriors have a role to play in the correction. Their love and lightness of spirit is needed for the restoration process.

Be prepared. We can only observe and guide from our realm. We need you to be our physical representatives. Earth will be returned to her natural beauty, and offer to all creatures living upon her the blessings of wellbeing. It is so. We have come at this time of human consciousness evolution as guides and teachers. We have trained many who have prepared themselves through dedication to the light. These are The Rainbow Warriors. Their love and faith drive them.


As this new breed of humans become familiar with their designated roles, given to them during meditation, the old-world order will begin to change. The world they live in holds little meaning. The focus of their lives becomes centred upon creating a different, light and love filled world where individual creative expression is valued and respected. Creative playtime, outside in nature is sought. Nature responds to the love and care given to it and will be valued once again as a source of inspiration, education and wonderment.

Houses are now being built with roofs covered by natural grasses and flowers. The earth will be again revered for her natural beauty. As humans refuse to contaminate nature, nature will respond in kind.

And, human illnesses will decline.

Ashtara, we appreciate the work you do and the cosmic timing in which you do it. Let it be known that others can do as you do. It takes time and focus to tune into the cosmic messages, and practice is needed. Your world needs people willing to turn their focus inwardly every day. Even if the practice begins with five minutes and grows to fifteen, it is far better than none at all.

What does it mean to focus inwardly? It means to turn one’s full attention into self – to calm the mind and the emotions. And, to visualise and hold in the mind certain simple images, and to explore these images in detail.

The regular practice of yoga nidra trains the mind to fulfil this function.  When balance between the mind and the heart is attained we, and others in the higher realms, can penetrate third dimensional density to provide clear insights, untarnished by conditioned beliefs.

There is an urgency. As each individual awakens to a higher and broader reality their lives change for the better. The Spirit of Earth rejoices as lighter energy washes, like ocean waves, over the land. It takes individual and collective desire and commitment to do this work. It is not onerous.

We are the Arcturians and we love you.