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Family Room

This is where I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and is also where I teach. I began teaching adult students in 1994 and consider it a great privilege to nurture and support my students. They often tell me my house is their ‘home away from home’ – a meeting place that feeds and nurtures their souls. My cyber home offers the same nourishment.

I see into the future and, what we, as a collective, are creating disturbs me. The children are our future and many of them have a more advanced consciousness to that of their parents. This often creates serious problems because these children often feel misunderstood, emotionally unsupported and alien, not only in their home but also at school. Their soul memories, close to the surface of their consciousness, are of a peaceful, loving and more consciously advanced world. Yet violence, aggression, control, lies, judgements and intolerance are the everyday constants they see.

Where do they go to find like-minded people committed to truth, love, nurturance, peace and fulfilment of soul purpose? The mission of this website is to support them, and those who care for them.

JOIN ME NOW to help create a caring, light and love based supportive global family to aid the fulfilment of this mission. As a member of my cyber family you will receive exclusive opportunities, guided meditations and discounts on products and courses.

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