The Evolutionary Purpose and Power of Relationships

A revealing astrological study course
with Ashtara (FAA APA)

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, Ashtara has to cancel this course. 

Power = The soul’s desire to harmonise our internal masculine and feminine nature in order to develop a psychological state of androgyny, enabling an absolute return and merging with its Creator. Jeffrey Wolf Green

From the inner journey to know ourselves via the astrological archetypes, we arrive at the next evolutionary growth phase – to share our authentic self in relationships while remaining firm in personal sovereignty. All of us are in relationship to others and relationships demand we develop according to our Soul’s need for evolution. During this journey our personal limitations arise, clearly mirrored by the other. We cannot remain sane in this world without relating.

Why then do we share our soul’s desire for evolutionary growth with some people and not with others? Ashtara will explore this question as well as the possibility of past life relationship connections; our psychological approach and attitudes to close relationships with parents, lovers, children and closest friends; the nature and function of the relationships between Mars and Venus, Pluto and Sedna – plus much more.

During the course we will travel through an astrological archetypal wonderland in order to uncover our treasure of truth. We may need to move psychological rocks during the process, and our spiritual resolve may be challenged. Ashtara’s meditations can aid knowledge integration. 

Venue: Tamborine Mountain, Qld

Required study bookPluto The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships – Jeffery Wolf Green.

Course dates

Two Introductory Weekend Workshops are offered as:

Option 1

Easter – Friday, 10th April 4pm – 7.00pm
Saturday, 11th April
Sunday,12th April 9.00 am – 4.00pm.


Friday 1st May 4.00pm – 7.00pm
Saturday, 2nd May
Sunday, 3rd May 9.00am – 4.00 pm.

Students can choose the weekend that works best for them. The content will be the same.

Following the mandatory introductory weekend workshop is a series of five one-day Saturday workshops from 9.00am – 4.00pm as:

  • May 30th
  • June 20th
  • August 15th
  • October 10th
  • November 21st


Weekend workshop  $320.00
Five one-day Saturday workshops: 5 x $130 = $650
(Each one-day Saturday workshop: $130.00)

Total Investment: $970.00

Early bird payment by 30th March 2020  $900.00



Friday: 4.00 – 7.00pm

Welcome: Unification, Meditation/gratitude prayer.

Acknowledgement to Jeffery Wolf Green
Our relationship to self, Creation, early parental environment, social, religious and environmental conditioning; friends and significant others – and their subconscious imprints on our psychology.

The Soul continues its’ spiritual evolution with a new personality each incarnation. Our birth charts depict the details of our current personality –a one-time composite of soul fragments. These soul fragments contain well-learned gifts and talents, as well as our incomplete soul work.


Saturday: 9.00 – 4.00pm

 Unification prayer and meditation

  • Past life connections to others that reflect our experiences, understandings, orientations and attitudes
  • Evolutionary growth blockages arising from these connections – and the purpose of these in current relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence and its importance and value in relationships
  • The value of speaking truth in relationships
  • Five primary relationship types and the four variations that can occur within them including karma mates and soul mates.
  • Root causes of the psychological and behavioural problems that occur in relationships. (page 48 – use astrological Ages model)

Closing Meditation


Sunday: 9.00- 4.00pm

Unification Prayer and meditation.

  • The Age of Aquarius – its challenges and evolutionary growth potential
  • The Soul’s desire and intent. Its value and importance in individual and collective evolution
  • Two different types of evolution: Uniform and Cataclysmic
  • Pluto’s position in the birth chart and its polarity point – and what they symbolise.

Throughout the course we will work with your natal chart and a Composite chart. The Composite chart symbolises the dynamics that existed, and may still exist, between two people as a coupled unit.

Closing meditation

Due to the COVID19 restrictions, Ashtara has to cancel this course. 

Five one-day Saturday workshops:

(Note: The following five one-day workshops begin and end with a gratitude prayer and meditation.)

Workshop One: May 30th 2020

  • The evolutionary principle. How it correlates to birth chart planets as:
  • Pluto and the Moon
  • The South and North Nodes of the Moon
  • The planetary rulers of the Moon’s Nodes

Workshop Two: June 20th

  • Intercepted Signs and their evolutionary relevance
  • Retrograde planets and their evolutionary relevance
  • The relevance of chart aspects – in personal and Composite charts

Workshop Three: August 15th

  • Essential Relationship Needs
  • Venus in relationships
  • Venus in the Composite chart
  • Venus retrograde in the natal or composite charts
  • Venus transits to the natal and composite charts

Workshop Four: October 10th

  • Mars in Relationships
  • Mars in the Composite chart
  • Mars retrograde in the natal or Composite charts
  • Mars transits to the natal or Composite charts
  • Mars in phasal relationship to Pluto

Workshop Five: November 21st

  • Sedna in the birth chart and her connection to relationships
  • Pluto transits to personal and Composite charts
  • Other current transits to personal and Composite charts

Email for enquires and/or alternate payment methods.

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