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Our connection to Galactic

A course of five accelerated learning Zoom classes with Ashtara FAA-APA

Sedna is a dwarf planet in the far reaches of our Solar System currently moving closer to Earth in an approximately 11,000 year orbit. Ashtara is her scribe. In Sedna’s words: “I am being propelled forward by my elliptical orbit. Nothing can stop me. Some may try. My frequency is needed to awaken many still slumbering humans. ..In my approach I bring the wisdom of the ancients. Your indigenous people still refer to the legends and stories they created about me when I came closer to Earth so long ago. In their eyes I came from Source. A true statement because all life birthed from the One Great Source…..”

Astrologer, scribe for cosmic Light Beings, teacher and writer of ancient sacred wisdom, Ashtara’s prime focus is to awaken students and readers into higher frequencies of light. Sedna made herself known in 2003, teaching her telepathically and experientially.
Ashtara shares this teaching in her book, The Magdalen Codes. Twenty years later Sedna returned. She now shares with Ashtara more advanced information. It is this information you will receive.

Ashtara welcomes eager and open-minded students and teachers. Throughout the five sessions you will receive many opportunities for spiritual growth and the integration of advanced information. Your hearts will be opened through the meditations and your consciousness and self-awareness levels will rise. Some knowledge of astrology would be helpful.

Time: 5.00pm – 6.30pm
Dates: Wednesday, February: 7, 14, 21, 28 and March 6th 2024.
Investment: AU$350.00. (A payment plan can be arranged.)

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