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Mary Magdalen’s
Sacred Esoteric Wisdom Teachings of

Mary says: “My Way is not the only way – however it is time for the heart to take prominence over the intellect. The future of humanity is at stake”.

On behalf of Mary Magdalen, Ashtara was asked by her overarching guides, the Arcturians, to create a series of twelve lessons as an initiates training course in the ancient esoteric wisdom teachings. This series is to begin 21st August 2024. There is to be one lesson per Zoom class.

The first class will be on Wednesday evening: 5.00pm – 6.30pm, (AEST) and each following Wednesday, completing on November 6th. A thanksgiving meditation will be part of each session.

Mary Magdalen first came to Ashtara in 1996, following her commitment to the study of evolutionary astrology. It was from the feminine perspective that she was trained in this spiritual science.

Late in 2009, she was given the inner directive to be in Israel on the 1/01/2010 to find and to follow the exile route of Mary Magdalen from Israel following Yeshua’s crucifixion. At that time Mary’s life was in grave danger.

Mary was behind the writing of Ashtara’s book The Magdalen Codes – Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom.

Ashtara views Mary Magdalen as the Divine Feminine archetype of the Aquarian Age. She welcomes to this course all those who feel a connection to Mary Magdalen and the Essene Way of life.

During the twelve week course many ancient memories may stir.
Be prepared for change.

Exchange: $840
A payment plan can be arranged.

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