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Let The Light Reveal

A joyous celebration of cosmic light to enhance the spirit,
relax the body and open the mind to broader

Join astrologer Ashtara and magical musician Joshua Tree in an unforgettable experience of accelerated learning, meditation and sound
healing at White Eagle Temple, Witta – (near Maleny)

Celebrate the conjunction of the planets Uranus and Jupiter as they align, creating a force of light that can be consciously used for the greater good of humanity.

Allow the guidance of the higher dimensional realms to advance your ascension path into greater love and joy.

Enjoy an organic Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch lovingly prepared by chef Bill Scally.

Meet light-minded new and known friends.

9.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday, 20th April, 2024

Bring: An open heart and mind, some knowledge of astrology and your water bottle.
Investment: $185
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To find out more about the venue – White Eagle Temple, Witta, ‘click here’

Below are some of the testimonials Ashtara received from her previous workshops .

I have begun a new chapter and my heart is singing and my gratitude to you, our group and our spirit friends is boundless. I am overjoyed and for the first time in a long time I am feeling an inner balance with a dash of harmony.

Shousharny NZ

Ashtara is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, gained from her sensitive ability to intuitively tune in to the intelligence of higher dimensions, record the information gained, and with loving skill, has the ability to enlighten her students with a passion to evolve.
Thank you Ashtara,

Wendy Davies Qld.

Lovely lady of light. Loved the workshop. It resonated with my spirit so many times.

Susan Earl-Fehlberg, South Australia

Thank you Ashtara for giving me a practical and clear method of meditation. Your joyful, heartfelt and compassionate way of communicating was a wonderful experience; a breath of clear air.

Deidre Sutherland, NSW

Ashtra’s links to her spiritual advisors was apparent throughout. When she was unsure of how to answer questions, she hesitated while the perfect response was ‘given’ to her. Then her words were clear and insightful. I loved her workshop and the wisdom she shared. It will strengthen my work from this point on.

Claire Barry, Port Elliott, S.A.

A good variety of questions, both basic and complicated. Felt like I could bring up anything without worrying what people thought.

Rex Ellis. S.A.

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace