You are a Star Seed. It’s Time to Become Conscious of your Soul’s
Origins. Prepare to Awaken to Truth.
Ashtara will facilitate. The Arcturus Astrology trilogy is her tool.

An advanced course, both physical and on-line, aimed at women dedicated to
evolving into higher levels of consciousness in service to the Light.

The 2023 series of ten one-day physical workshops or twenty 1.5hrs on-line
classes will focus on accelerating consciousness to enable the remembering and
reclaiming of your Soul’s star origins and the re-accessing and experience of
Divine Light and Love.

Required Enrolment Preparation

  • A dedication to your spiritual and psychological growth
  • A solid understanding of a spiritual approach to psychological astrology and the resultant self-awareness gained from application of the teaching to self
  • Your willingness to continue to face, become conscious of, take responsibility for and alchemise your internal shadows through heart-felt inner guidance enabling the Light of the Soul to illuminate your mind.
  • A desire to be the brightest Light you can be in service to the Light within all beings through the understanding that Light is the key symbol of transformation, and a loving heart is the focal point in the process.

Required Course Study: Ashtara’s Arcturus Astrology trilogy.

Available on the website, click here

2023 Physical Attendance Dates:

10 x 1-day once a month workshops begin on Saturday, 4 February 2023
and continue: 4 March; 1 April; 6 May; 3 June
1 July; 5 August; 2 September; 7 October; 4 November
Classes begin at 9.00 am and end at 4.00pm each day.
Where: Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

2023 ON-LINE Zoom Meetings :

A series of 20 classes, once a fortnight, on Thursday evenings at 5.00pm AEST, beginning 9 February 2023.

Investment: $AU1,600.00

Early Bird Payment : $AU1,500.00
(Early bird date of payment: January 10th 2023)

Payment Plans can be arranged.

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To Enrol: email your enrolment application to briefly stating relevant consciousness growth experiences, resultant psychological understanding and the progressive action taken to successfully alchemise old patterning. Ten enrolment applications will be accepted for the physical one-day series of workshops.

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace