Experiences of the Great Mysteries
A one day seminar with Ashtara

Completed – Saturday March 7th 2020 9.30am – 4.30pm
Hall at rear of Uniting Church Port Elliot
Cost $140pp including morning and afternoon tea

This South Australian one-day seminar was so successful, Ashtara is offering it to other groups who would also like to sponsor her work.

Ashtara opens the doors of perception and unveils the mysteries of life that lie beneath the surface of consciousness. Your mind may be challenged, however, your heart and body will respond with an Inner Knowing. This workshop will aid your evolutionary journey into the Light.

Retreat facilitator Ashtara

About Ashtara

Ashtara is a Spiritual Teacher, Esoteric Astrologer and Consciousness traveller.
She has written 11 books including the well-known “Magdalen Codes – Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom” and 3 on Esoteric Astrology.
Her passion is to raise human consciousness by encouraging people to be more self-aware and connect to their soul’s purpose.

In her seminar she will discuss:

  • Her interdimensional travels
  • The big purpose for life here on earth
  • Who the Magdelens were and what is the ‘Magdelen Code’
  • The encoded messages in ancient texts.
  • A guided meditation

For more information contact
Meg Huppatz on 0412 829317 dmhuppatz@bigpond.com
Claire Barry on 0400 932 810 clairembarry@hotmail.com

To book please forward $140 to Claire’s account BSB  035-621   Acc No. 531717

Please email Claire notification of your booking and payment.

This fee includes morning and afternoon tea. For lunch you may choose delights from the famous Port Elliot Bakery or you can bring your own. We plan to walk down to Horseshoe Bay, weather permitting, to eat. Please bring a hat.  (A lift can be arranged if needed.)

For those of you who are participants in Ashtara’s workshop, we are considering following this Seminar with a gathering for a ROUND TABLE SHARING of our individual interests and modalities on the Sunday

Meg would be pleased to present on her studies of Sacred Geometry.
Claire on her experiences of Past Life Clairvoyance
Janet Schwarz on Working with the Mind and Heart to Discriminate and Discern our Soul’s Authentic Voice
If you would like to be part of this please advise us. There is no obligation to present, unless you feel ‘called’ to do so.

When accepting this invitation to attend Ashtara’s Seminar, please indicate if you are interested in a Day 2 Programme.

Cost will be minimal $25 to cover catering

If you have queries about accommodation at Port Elliot, please speak to Meg or Claire.

Here’s what participants in the workshop had to say

“Lovely lady of light. Loved the workshop. It resonated with my spirit so many times”.

Susan Earl-Fehlberg,
South Australia

“Thank you Ashtara for giving me a practical and clear method of meditation.  Your joyful, heartfelt and compassionate way of communicating was a wonderful experience; a breath of clear air”.

Deidre Sutherland, NSW

“Ashtra’s links to her spiritual advisors was apparent throughout.  When she was unsure of how to answer questions, she hesitated while the perfect response was ‘given’ to her. Then her words were clear and insightful. I loved her workshop and the wisdom she shared. It will strengthen my work from this point on”.

Claire Barry,
Port Elliott, S.A.

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