Claiming Your Internal Goddess

A once a fortnight, ten-session inspirational Astrology Course for
those seeking to unleash the awesome power of the Divine

The course, via Zoom Meetings, will open your mind, creative energy and passion for life. Ashtara will guide, support and encourage you to become conscious of, acknowledge and embrace the many facets of your inner goddess. The self-awareness gained can lead to positive life changes, increased well-being and personal empowerment.

The Goddesses you will work with are

The lover – Venus
The betrayed and revengeful wife – Juno
The temple priestess – Vesta
The independent and rebellious consort – Lilith
The warrior woman and weaver – Pallas Athene
The provider of food and fertility – Ceres
The activator of emotions, moods and memories – the Moon
The healer – Hygieia
The unconditionally loving Earth Mother
The Feminine Creative Source

Course dates: Thursday –  15 & 29 Sep | 13 &27 Oct | 10 & 24 Nov | 8 Dec 2022 |
19 Jan | 2 &16 Feb 2023
Time: 5.00pm – 6.30 pm (AEST)
Investment: $800.00
Full payment to be made by 11 September  2022.
Early bird: $700.00 by 30 August 2022

Enrolment requirements: A basic knowledge of astrology and a deep desire to advance psychologically and spiritually through self knowledge.

Ashtara approaches her consciousness raising teaching through the lens of spirituality, ancient wisdom teachings and metaphysics. Joyfully she shares her wisdom and knowledge. Her classes are fun, interactive, experiential and always enlightening.

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace