It’s time to remember your Soul’s Star of Origin. The indescribable love and
joy experienced through a conscious reconnection to your star of origin will
profoundly affect your life. Ashtara will prepare you for initiation.

Both physical and on-line, this experiential course is aimed at those
dedicated to evolving into higher levels of consciousness in service to the Light.

2023 Physical Attendance Dates:

10 x 1-day once a month workshops: Saturday, 4 February 2023, 4 March; 1 April; 6 May;
3 June, 1 July; 5 August; 2 September; 7 October; 4 November.
Classes begin at 9.00 am and end at 4.00pm each day.
Where: Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

2023 ON-LINE Zoom Meetings :

A series of 20 classes, once a fortnight, on Thursday evenings at 5.00pm AEST, beginning 9 February 2023.

Required Enrolment Preparation

  • A dedication to your spiritual and psychological growth
  • An appreciation of a spiritual and psychological approach to astrology.
  • Your willingness to continue to face, become conscious of, take responsibility for and alchemise your internal shadows through heart-felt inner guidance, enabling the Light of the Soul to illuminate your mind.
  • A desire to be the brightest Light you can be and to share your radiance through a loving heart.

Investment: $AU1,600.00
(due 25th January 2023)

Early Bird Payment : $AU1,500.00
(due 31st December 2022)

A Payment Plans can be arranged.

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Required Reading: Ashtara’s Arcturus Astrology trilogy.

Available on the website, click here

Enrol: email your enrolment application to star(at) briefly stating relevant consciousness growth experiences. A maximum of ten enrolment applications will be accepted for the physical one-day workshops.

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Astrologer and writer Ashtara is known for her life-affirming and exuberant teaching style. She offers many years of experience, practical wisdom and healing techniques. Her intent is to awaken and creatively inspire her students into greater self-realisation and soul growth.

“Ashtara is an enlightened teacher of esoteric philosophies, astrology and consciousness. She is an example of a soul who has mastered teachings from many dimensions. Thank you. Ashtara for your insights. With love,”

Meg Huppatz – Adelaide

“Ashtara’s teaches ways to raise your vibration, and this wisdom comes from a place of pure love, for our own spiritual growth and transformation…”

Fiona Craig, Sydney

“Writing to say how much I love the Arcturian’s messages so thank you for being their conduit. I am always very moved by them – often to tears – and I feel my heart expand with every word. To say ‘they make my day’ would be an understatement.

Britt Woessner – Orlando, Florida USA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these workshops and all the energy and love you put into them. Mind blowing!”

Barbara Downs – Murwullumbah, NSW

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace