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It’s time to remember your Soul’s Star of Origin. The indescribable love and joy experienced through a conscious reconnection to your star of origin will profoundly affect your life. Ashtara will prepare you for initiation into higher frequencies of cosmic light.

Through ceremony, sacred dance, heart-opening meditations, healing sounds and the language of light, Ashtara’s enlightening and inspirational teaching
will take you on a journey through the cosmos to discover your Soul’s Star of Origin.

Both physical and on-line, this accelerated learning course is dedicated to consciousness expansion through the living light of love. Diamond consciousness is your birthright. Activation time is now.

”For aeons of time humans have existed within a shadow of their intrinsic nature.
Heart intelligence has been ignored in favour of mental logic. Each have their place in
human evolutionary development. It is time for an evolutionary reversal of the wheel of life
whereby heart intelligence instigates logic. Arcturus Astrology is the vehicle. Human
evolution into greater light is taking place. The process is accelerating. Arcturus Astrology
is the accelerator. Ashtara is the teacher.” (Arcturian message)

The Awaken Star Seeds course consists of an introductory session via Zoom on Thursday evening 13 April 2023 at 5.00pm (AEST), two accommodated retreats and ten fortnightly zoom classes in between the two retreats.

The first accommodated Retreat is to begin on Friday, 28 April 2023 at White Eagle Lodge,
Witta. Qld.
Students are to arrive between 3.00 – An evening meal will be served.
Students depart to return home after lunch on Monday 1st May.

This first Retreat will be followed by ten fortnightly Zoom classes.

The second accommodated Retreat will be at the same venue, White Eagle Lodge, Witta, Qld. with students arriving on Friday 22 September between 3 – 5.00pm. An evening  meal will be served. The Course will conclude on Monday 25 September with students departing after an early lunch. Students will be accommodated for three nights at each retreat.

Ayuvedic vegetarian meals will be served throughout both retreats.

Spaces are limited.

‘Find out more about the venue’

PLUS ON-LINE Zoom Meetings:

Ten – once a fortnight Thursday evenings at 5.00pm (AEST)

Required Enrolment Preparation

  • A dedication to your spiritual and psychological growth
  • Your willingness to continue to face, become conscious of, take responsibility for and
    alchemise your internal shadows through heart-felt inner guidance, enabling the Light of
    the Soul to illuminate your mind.
  • A commitment to becoming the brightest Light you can be and to share your radiance
    through a loving heart.
  • The desire to open your mind to experience higher dimensional experiences.

Investment: $AU2,600.00
(Due 1st April 2023)

Early Bird Payment : $AU2,500.00
(Due 23rd March 2023)

A Payment Plans can be arranged.

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Required Reading: Ashtara’s Arcturus Astrology trilogy.

Available on the website, click here

“On your Earth plane of duality wherever there is dark there is also light. A new cosmic systems has been introduced, a trinary one, that offers a way out of duality. Ashtara knows this system and will share it with those who live in the light. It will be incomprehensible to those in shadow. The light of higher consciousness cannot fade. It can and will become brighter. The current shift in consciousness is an opportunity to walk across the bridge of the mundane material shadow world into the brilliant light of love. Will you take it? We are the Arcturians. We are in your blood and guiding your pathway.”

To Enrol: Once you pay for the session you must fill in a detailed form, email your enrolment application to star(at) briefly stating relevant consciousness growth experiences. You can find the link to this form in your invoice. A maximum of twelve enrolment applications can be accepted.

Please note that all emails on this website are NOT hyperlinks and contain (at) instead of “@” to stop them being collected by spam web crawlers.

“Ashtara is an enlightened teacher of esoteric philosophies, astrology and consciousness. She is an example of a soul who has mastered teachings from many dimensions. Thank you. Ashtara for your insights. With love,”

Meg Huppatz – Adelaide

“Ashtara’s teaches ways to raise your vibration, and this wisdom comes from a place of pure love, for our own spiritual growth and transformation…”

Fiona Craig, Sydney

“Writing to say how much I love the Arcturian’s messages so thank you for being their conduit. I am always very moved by them – often to tears – and I feel my heart expand with every word. To say ‘they make my day’ would be an understatement.

Britt Woessner – Orlando, Florida USA

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these workshops and all the energy and love you put into them. Mind blowing!”

Barbara Downs – Murwullumbah, NSW

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace