Arcturus Astrology

The Perceptive Intelligence of the Heart

A unique course of ten one day experiential workshops

“For aeons of time humans have existed within a shadow of their intrinsic nature. Heart intelligence has been ignored in favour of mental logic. Each have their place in human evolutionary development. It is time for an evolutionary reversal of the wheel of life whereby heart intelligence instigates logic. Arcturus Astrology is the vehicle. Human evolution into greater light is taking place. This process is accelerating. Arcturus Astrology is the accelerator. Ashtara is the teacher.”

“On your earth plane of duality wherever there is dark there is also light. A new cosmic system has been introduced, a trinary one, that offers a way out of duality. Ashtara knows this system and will share it with those who live in the light. It will be incomprehensible to those in shadow.

The light of higher consciousness cannot fade. It can and will become brighter. The current shift in consciousness is an opportunity to walk across the bridge of the mundane material shadow world into the brilliant light of love. Will you take it?

We are the Arcturians. We are in your blood and are guiding your pathway.”

A sequential teaching programme

The frequencies of the ten-star Arcturus Astrology system operate on sound. Our changing brain is now ready to connect to these higher frequencies. These frequencies ‘tune up’ the human bio-field. The purpose of revealing and teaching this system is to mid-wife the birthing of androgynous humans, those filled with the living light of love; known as the Rainbow Warriors.

This course will focus on students developing greater heart intelligence through intuition, feeling and experiential processes. Meditation will play an intrinsic part of each session.

I welcome students focused on alchemising their consciousness through the living light of love.

Zoom introductory classes
Prior to course commencement, there will be two free introductory Zoom sessions, each with similar content.
One session is mandatory for course enrolment.
Monday 21st September
Tuesday 22nd September
(12 noon AEST)

Learning the ten-star Arcturus Astrology system
(9.00 am – 4.00 pm AEST)

Workshop One:
Exploring Duality : harmonising and balancing internal masculine/feminine, polarities and elements. Practices to unify body, mind and Spirit; ‘tune up’ chakras and bio-field.

September Saturday 26th 2020

Workshop Two:
The Changing Brain – heart/brain connections

September Sunday 27th 2020

Workshop Three:
Connecting to Nature- her blessings, beauty and healing.

October Saturday 10th 2020

Workshop Four:
Reversal of the karmic wheel of life

October Saturday 31st 2020

Workshop Five:
The ten Cosmic Players involved in the Arcturus Astrology System – their function and relevance

November Saturday 14th 2020

Applying the System to Daily Life
(9.00 am – 4.00 pm AEST)

Workshop Six:
Developing Heart Perception

November Saturday 28th 2020

Workshop Seven:
Practising heart/brain perception – choosing simplicity over complexity.

December Saturday 12th 2020

Workshop Eight: 
Beyond the veil of human understanding – opportunities to experience galactic connections

January Saturday 30th 2021

Workshop Nine:
Working with the Arcturians and other higher dimensional love-filled light beings via telepathy

February Saturday 13th 2021

Workshop Ten:
Allowing the heart to guide all aspects of life

February Saturday 27th 2021

Midwifing the birthing of androgynous humans – enlightened Rainbow Warriors

Where: Tamborine Mountain, Queensland

Investment: $130 per workshop x 10 = $1,300.00

Payable by 23rd September 2020

(Payment options can be arranged)

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The returning influential cosmic system, Arcturus Astrology, is a bringer of light. To ensure group cohesion throughout the course, I need to ascertain your level of evolutionary development, your commitment to further growth through self-realisations, and your willingness to continue alchemising your consciousness to enable greater light and love.   

I’ve created a list of questions that will help me to do so. Please answer them succinctly on the form below, or ‘click here’ to download the document with the questionnaire and email it to

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What was your most pivotal spiritual experience that enabled you to open up to the higher world?(required)

What pivotal emotional experience enabled you to develop self-realisation of the part you played in the experience? How has this changed you? (required)

Are you willing to take personal responsibility for this truth? (required)

How did the experience, and subsequent others, change your values? (required)

What do you regard as your five highest values? (required)

Have you used your birth chart to access cause of psychological problems that create duality?

What disciplined steps have you taken, and are continuing to take, to purify your subconscious of dense psychology? - i.e. re-birthing, past life regression, anger therapy, etc.

Do you believe you can attain spiritual, mental and emotional mastery? Do you desire to do so?

Are you willing to open your heart to be the best, most loving and noble person you can be, and to share these loving qualities?

Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace