The Song of the Soul

A women’s Spiritual Retreat with Ashtara
at beautiful Minnie Water, northern NSW

Friday, 24th July – Monday, 27th July 2020

During 2019 Ashtara spent five magical months at Minnie Water, a small and unspoilt hamlet beside the ocean in NSW, surrounded by national park. She is keen to share its beauty and mystique with you. July is a special time for observing the dolphins and whales journeying north, and for exploring almost empty secluded beaches, the ocean lagoon and tidal rock pools.

As 2019 was indeed a powerful year for many, 2020 is accelerating the pace of spiritual growth and personal empowerment. Because Minnie Water is such a peaceful village surrounded by nature, it’s a perfect place to relax, reflect and attune to the healing power of nature.

In a recent Arcturus transmission, Ashtara received the following message.

In times to come the healing power of sound and light will become well known. Vibrational healing will take the place of the methods practiced today. Everything in nature vibrates, and when resonance occurs between different life forms, harmony results. Dissonance causes disease. Stress is a killer.

You can imagine the human body as an orchestra, with the different organs vibrating at different speeds. When there is resonance between the organs, harmony and health result. Where there is dissonance, dis-ease results. So simple.”

The healing power of sound and light is the theme for this retreat.

Allow the deep power of sound to ignite a new dynamic perception of your soul’s true calling – your authentic power. Learn to use the gift of voice to harmonise your mind, body and spirit. Gift yourself with self-reflection time, a peaceful and beautiful natural environment, and nourishing food.

Each day you will experience:

  • Daily inspired teachings, meditations and sacred ceremonies
  • Opportunities to experience vibrational healing
  • Tuning the physical body and energy field
  • A journey back to your heart’s centre
  • Morning forest or beach walk, or swim
  • Eight nourishing vegetarian meals plus morning and afternoon teas
  • Free time to explore the beautiful surroundings, or just relax

Each evening, Karen will provide a healing sound bath. She also offers personal sound healing sessions during your free time. These tuning fork sessions need to be booked prior to arrival.

Numbers are limited due to the profound nature of this retreat, and to allow for individual guidance.

Housekeeping details:

Mostly twin-share comfortable accommodation is in holiday homes. Booked is 20 Grevillea Pde. a holiday house with three bathrooms. Reserved is a nearby holiday house with two bathrooms. Both houses are close to the ocean.

There are three single rooms available. Should a single room be required you will need to confirm your booking early.
(Note. Sorry, All single rooms are reserved)

I’m hoping the Retreat will still go ahead, but if not I’ll refund the deposits.

Cost of Retreat with a single room: $720.00 – Early Bird =$660

Cost of Retreat with a twin share room: $669.00 – Early Bird = $609

Early bird payment by 30th March 2020

Full price to be paid by end of June



2 – 3 pm: Arrival at accommodation
3.15 pm: Welcome by Ashtara and Karen
4.00 pm: Refreshments
5.00 – 6.00 pm: Opening circle
6.00 pm – 7.00 pm: Dinner
7.15 – 8.30 pm: Meditation and sound bath

Saturday and Sunday

7.00 – 8.30 am: Nature walk, or swim
8.30 – 9.30 am: Breakfast
10.00 – 11.15 am: Unity meditation and programme
11.15 – 11.45 am: Refreshments
11.45 am – 1.00 pm: Programme
1.00 – 2.00 pm: Lunch
2.00 – 4.00 pm: Personal time
4.00- 4.30 pm:  Refreshments
4.30 – 6.00 pm: Programme
6.00 – 7.00 pm:  Dinner
7.00 – 8.30 pm: Meditation and Karen’s sound bath


7.00 – 8.00 am: Nature walk or swim
8.10 – 9.10 am: Breakfast
9.10 – 10.00 am: Farewell circle

Should you have any specific food allergies we will do our best to accommodate them. Please let us know at least two weeks prior to the Retreat.

What to bring

Winter at Minnie Water is pleasant however, you will need to bring a warm wind/rain jacket, warm clothes, walking shoes and slippers.
Personal toiletries
Your personal linen – (sheets and towels)
Your personal medicines
Your favourite quartz crystal, one you can easily hold in your hand.


1) Optus is the best provider for mobile phones and internet reception can be poor.
2) Independent transport is the best way to travel into Minnie Water.
3) The retreat is alcohol free and non-smoking.

For further information:

Here’s some of what others have to say

Ashtara is an enlightened teacher of esoteric philosophies, astrology and consciousness. She is an example of a soul who has mastered teachings from many dimensions. Thank you Ashtara for your insights.
With love,

Meg Huppatz, Adelaide

Thank you precious Ashtara, for the wonderful opportunity to learn from your wisdom and knowledge, and for guiding us home to the truth of who we really are. I have learned much and will take this new awareness going forward to transform into higher consciousness. Much love and light


This retreat has been an insightful and fascinating experience conducted in a safe and loving environment. Ashtara’s presentation is interesting, fun, caring and factual. Excellent!


Ashtara is warm, generous and playful. Her knowledge of esoteric astrology, spirituality, health and wellness is vast, and her teachings are practical and easy to practice in everyday life. Ashtara’s teaches ways to raise your vibration, and this wisdom comes from a place of pure love, for our own spiritual growth and transformation.

A retreat with Ashtara is an experience that nourishes the soul and makes your heart sing.

Fiona Craig, Life Balance Coach. Sydney.

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