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Ashtara’s aim is to assist you to shine brightly and BE the Star that you are. She offers an integrated holistic system of natural healing through astrological study, meditation, stories, exercises and ceremony. The tools she offers can alleviate present and future suffering.

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Watch this space for information about Ashtara’s workshops and classes.

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13th April

Awaken Star Seeds

It’s time to remember your Soul’s Star of Origin. The indescribable love and joy experienced through a conscious reconnection to your star of origin will profoundly affect your life. Ashtara will prepare you for initiation into higher frequencies of cosmic light.
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19th Oct


A series of four accelerated learning Zoom classes
with Ashtara
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Ashtara considers Paneurythmy Sacred Circle Dance a Pathway to Peace.  No expertise is needed to dance, only the deep desire to reconnect with the experience of peace, harmony, truth and divine love. Be prepared to experience spiritual joy as soul memories can awaken when dancing.

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Alchemizing Consciousness Enabling Peace