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End September 2022 Astrology News

By September 25, 2022No Comments

New Moon in Libra – 26 Sep 2022, 7.53am

2 deg. Libra 48 mins – oppose retrograde Jupiter 3 degrees Aries 48 mins

This New Moon also squares (a 90 degree challenging angle) goddess Pallas Athene (8 deg. Cancer) and she in turn squares Chiron. Our internal ‘Warrior Woman’ goddess needs to adopt a more feminine approach. Her fighting and angry war-like traits need harmonising so that a more harmonious and balanced approach to life takes place.

So many of our ideas about ourselves and our world are in a state of flux – many are changing. Mercury and Venus conjunct NewMoon/Sun indicate that an examination of our daily lives is called for so that, with the encouragement of self-talk, a greater appreciation of beauty and the feminine approach to life takes place. Reflect upon the mess the world is in now – is it harmonised? What about your own world? Do you feel internally balanced and harmonised? If not, why not? Have you been paying attention to your internal feminine goddess or predominantly living your life through your masculine principle?

Planet Jupiter is the planet of expansion – of mind, body and of spirit. At this New Moon time Jupiter provides the opportunity for spiritual growth. How much do you believe in your own Spirit that provides your intuition. How many times have you acted upon your internal spiritual guidance? What are your spiritual beliefs?How much value do you place upon them?

At this New Moon how willing are you commit to your personal spiritual journey of consciousness growth via developing expanded view points on life. It would be wise indeed to use Jupiter’s energy to expand your daily life into a more harmonised and balanced one. Listen to the new ideas that will flow in to your mind, evaluate them and act upon those that bring you feelings in your heart of joy. And observe how your life changes for the better when you follow this path of love and joy.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,