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End September 2022 – A Crack in the Cosmic Window

By September 25, 2022No Comments

A 1998 Message from Archangel Michael

“We of the Spiritual Hierarchy are endeavouring to contact many more souls in order to awaken them from their sleep of unconsciousness. We ask that all Light workers pass on their messages to others as this will facilitate this process more rapidly. An awakening of the next wave of consciousness is taking place. The sleep is being disturbed. It will be gentle at first and then gather strength and power as time goes by. More and more people will come aware of different feelings in their body, and of sudden rushes of energy through them. A heightened awareness will result They will begin to question.

All Light workers are called upon to answer their questions openly and honestly, without judgements.

This is your service and what you have chosen as your path to evolution. Do it willing and with love.

-Blessings be. Adonai. Michael.”

A 1998 personal message:

“Ashtara, during this time of transition many people are awakening to their spiritual heritage. For many it may be a confusing time as their old belief systems will be shattered as new information comes to them. You and other Light workers are needed to assist in their transition period. When appropriate, feed them your beliefs and experiences without insisting they follow them. Allow them choice. They have free will. When they ask questions, answer them honestly and as simply as you know how. Try not to confuse them with too much information – the simpler the better. Do not ram information down their throats. It will have a more detrimental effect than a positive one.

The time is coming very soon when each individual will need to make a choice to go with the light into another dimension or stay in the darkness of the third dimension. It is a free choice without influence from another. We will honour the choices. Each person will know what is appropriate for them.

There are more Earth changes to take place within the near future. Be prepared and do not fear. All Light workers will be safe from any destruction.

You have demonstrated your willingness to assist by discipline of mind, spirit and body. You have been willing to learn, experience and transform into a Being of Light. I will come again.” – Michael.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,