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End September 2021 Pleiadian Transmissions

By September 26, 2021No Comments

“As with our other messages this one will be succinct.

We are concerned. Just as parents are concerned about their child’s activity, so too are we concerned about your activity.

We see you heading for disaster. Like sheep, we see you being mesmerised by manipulative propaganda. Governmental agencies can be persuasive. You will need to explore other than the obvious for truth. Take your time, using your feeling senses as your guide. They will be accurate.

In this time of turmoil each individual needs to use their own personal guidance to source truth from illusion. Be true to it, rather than to external propaganda.

We leave you now, and will come again.”


“The time is now for you to make changes to your beliefs. As our scribe enjoys sharing with her students, within the word belief is the word ‘lie’. Beliefs can change, quite easily. When an outmoded belief is purposefully changed, life changes.

Herd mentality is full of outmoded beliefs. Believing something to be true without questioning shows little intelligence.

You have inbuilt truth assessment mechanisms and these are your feelings and your conscience. Forcing yourselves do something just because your peers say it is right, yet feeling uncomfortable about it, is an act that leads to problems.

You are a unique human being with an inbuilt intelligence. We ask you to use your natural intelligence to feel truth from fiction. Your body and feelings rather than your conditioned beliefs are your truth guides. Trust them.”


“In times to come you will look back on this current global situation with wonderment. Realising it was a precursor for an evolutionary advance, you will accept it. Through it, your perspective of life changed to one of appreciation for life and living.

For those who perceived life from a higher perspective, you rode the waves of the global wake-up call with grace and equanimity.

Humans were designed to evolve spiritually. At one part of your long history you knew and valued your connection to Great Spirit, the Source of Infinite Intelligence known in the western world as God. Your love and respect for this One Source of all that is known no bounds.

A fall from Grace, a perceived separation, occurred. For many thousands, nay millions of years you devolved. Knowledge and experience of natural union with the Source of Infinite Love and Light atrophied. Disasters followed according to the collective mInd-set based on separation from Divinity. This downward spiral reached its pre-programmed limit.

For the millions of souls experiencing life on planet Earth, a ‘wake-up to truth’ signal was heard. The inner work began in earnest. Dormant and sleeping consciousness, containing knowledge of your connection to Source stirred, followed by a yearning to consciously, through self-awareness, reconnect. You made the decision to do so.

Willingly making the necessary adjustments to your daily life you began to create mental stillness. Frenetic activity slowed as you gave yourselves permission to uncover your truth from within. Life changed. Greater joy entered your life. Your creative impulses were followed and spontaneous joy erupted through your unique soul expression.

From this self-created future, bring yourselves back to current time. View your life as a watcher in a tower.

Ask yourselves the question: “What is it I need to follow through on- that will bring me feelings of joy, and is connected to Source”. Act upon the first thought that comes into your mind. Observe any limiting thoughts that follow. Thank them for sharing, and follow through on the first thought/idea anyway.

You are the only one who can change your life experiences.

We are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We are all one with the Infinite One, and we will come again”.


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,