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End September 2020 Record Keepers

By September 27, 2020No Comments

“We begin,
In times past, and in times to come, people on earth lived long lives. What do we mean? Your ancient texts speak about people who lived for hundreds of years on planet earth.
How could it be so?

Earth was less populated then, and there was less atmospheric pollution. People lived natural lives according Natural Law. They ate light natural food, and their thoughts were mostly focused on the light.

Not so now.

Dark thoughts act as poison to the mind and body, creating an early death. Light thoughts create a joyful mind and body, and longer lives. It is”.


“Age is a state of mind.  A child is naturally joyous and light. Like a sponge, they absorb water – the emotional behaviour of their parents. When the parents are joyous, the child will maintain a natural life.

Many children being born now are more sensitive to psychological contamination, and their health can suffer because of it. Older people also weaken under the same conditions. Thoughts and emotions are energy. Personal energy can contaminate self and others. It can uplift self and others. When this is realised and accepted as fact, lives will change.

Light and loving thoughts enhance health. Dark thoughts create health problems. It is, and has always been.  Light and loving thoughts create longevity.

That is all for now.”


“We begin.

To those who doubt our words we say “Time will prove us right”. Let’s return to yesteryear. Would you have even looked at our words? We think not. They would have been incomprehensible, without meaning.

As human consciousness accelerates, perspectives change. What was once believed and thought of as true, is now not. Reflect on your Word Wars. The collective consciousness then was not as it is today. Technology has changed your world. More changes are to come.

Those who accept, and know to be true the radiant Light within, with flow with them. Those who believe in media hype and propaganda will be fearful. Your bodies and health will respond in kind.”


“We begin,

In the early hours of the morning, before the Sun rises is the best time for us to make contact. You have rested, and are relaxed, unless you have allowed disturbing thoughts to take over your minds.

When you make the effort to manage your thoughts your life will change for the better.  Whatever is your focus, is your future. You are the ones creating it by your thoughts.
Life can be simple and enjoyable. Yes, planet earth is where your souls choose to come in order to accelerate your journey to the light of higher consciousness. Your personality may be unaware of this choice. You can become aware of not only this choice, but also many others.

For millions of years Earth has provided learning experiences. Some souls have graduated from kindergarten to primary school, others from high school to university.  Where to from the university level of soul development?

That was the question our scribe continued to ask. Due to her persistent questioning, we provided the answer. She has much to share and is doing so through her writing and teaching. A galactic playground of advanced learning experiences is available for souls desiring expansion.

Mind management is a pre-requisite for entry. There are others.

That is all for now.”


“We begin,

In times to come, as human consciousness advances, and greater self-awareness and mindfulness is valued and practiced, your species will live longer lives; happier and healthier than you are now. You are currently in a transition phase. A new world awaits, yet many still cling to yesteryear. It has gone, and a new way of perceiving life is imminent.

Your perceptions are changing slowly. The changes you are experiencing are those you create according to the vibrational level of your thoughts. We have spoken of this before. Your external world is a mirror of your internal world. You may be unaware of the content of your internal world, your thoughts and emotions. By clearly viewing your external world without judgments, you will comprehend.

Soul lessons repeat until realised, accepted and consciously transformed.

The science of consciousness is slowly being acknowledged. In Atlantean times, it was regarded highly. Those times will come again. Many souls, living today have veiled memories of this spiritual science. These memories are being activated.

That is all for now.”


” In your world of form and density, change can be challenging. Psychology holds you back. Old thoughts, habits and beliefs tie you to the past. The awareness of psychology and its increasing influence as a healing tool, is assisting your spiritual evolution. The many self-help tools arising from its influence is also assisting. The ancient healing tools of yoga and astrology are more widely practiced. People are becoming aware of their psychology and its subconscious influences and are making corrections. Slow progress is being made. Limiting thoughts and their associated emotions hold you to the past. You can choose to be at their mercy, or not.

We have spoken often of this, to emphasise its importance and relevance in your lives today. Should you choose to move on from your angst, pain and limitations, it is necessary to cease repeating the thought forms that create it. We speak plainly.

A different, lighter and more joyful future awaits, for those focussing on creating it. To create it needs you to act upon your most joyous thoughts and ideas for your future, no matter how impossible they may seem. Take the first step, and the next will be given. Take that step and the next will reveal. Have no attachment as to how the steps unfold, nor the result. Play the creation game with joy, wonderment and lightness of spirit. You will be supported by those guiding you.

When attachment to the limiting thoughts and beliefs of the past are released, you will feel much lighter, more joyful and be filled with new energy. You will wonder why you held yourself down in density for so long.

You will feel and look much younger. This is the secret the wise ones from times past, and a growing number living now know to be true. They embody the living Light of Spirit and follow its guidance towards joy. This path leads to longevity and immortality.

We will speak further on this.

We leave you now to ponder upon our words.”


May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,