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End October 2022 Astrology News

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Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon 16 deg.Taurus 8 November 2022

When teaching about Chiron, the archetypal wounded healer, at Lake Taupo in New Zealand in November 2003 I also mid-wifed the birthing of an etheric star baby. It was a life-changing moment for the woman giving birth and for the two bewildered women supporting her. Somehow I knew what was taking place and did what I could to assist.

On return to Australia I read a newspaper article about a new planet beyond Pluto that had been discovered in our Solar System on 13 November, 2003 – 10.32 pm San Diego California. I connected the star baby’s birth to this information. That star baby’s name is Sedna. For some years following the birth, she provided me with telepathic and visual information that I shared in The Magdalen Codes book. For readers who have this book you may choose to review these chapters (commencing page170) because they will now make more sense in relation to the Pleiadian’s recent messages.

Sedna has an approximate 11,400 year cycle (apparently updated and corrected by 900 years since the reporting of her discovery cycle) around our Sun. Her orbit is extremely erratic and elliptical.

To get a handle on the significance of this cosmic event, imagine you’re observing a small object being thrown into a still and calm lake. Concentric circles form from the displacement position. These concentric circles create waves. Now imagine a much larger object being thrown into the still lake. The concentric circles and waves would be huge and possibly create chaos to all creatures under and around the lake. Think of our Solar System as that lake. All objects within it vibrate.

Our understanding of the Solar System didn’t change for many thousands of years. In recent years astronomers have discovered a number of new cosmic bodies. The names and associated myths are given by astronomers. The myths are interpreted by astrologers as their meanings become apparent. Sedna was the name given to the discovery mentioned above and she is from the Inuit (Eskimo) tradition. In it, the Creator God and Goddess gave birth to a daughter they named Sedna. She was a goddess of high regard but not in her early years. She had many life lessons to learn relative to the ‘attacking birds; those negative thoughts that keep on ‘attacking’ us until we become aware of them and call a halt.

So, what happened on Earth 11,400 years ago? What geological evidence has been discovered?

A great flood took place as Earth was coming out of the most recent Ice Age. Ice Age periods disturb the orbital patterns of the Earth and bring biological evolution.

The biblical story of Noah building the ark to save Earth’s species is attributed to that time. Remnants of the ancient Atlantis civilisation have been found dating from that period.

Sedna was orbiting close to our Sun at that time. The vibrational waves created by her erratic elliptical orbit would have created chaos on Earth and to the other planets in our Solar System.

Will Sedna’s advance through our solar system create the chaos referred to in the Pleiadian’s message?

Remember, your interpretation of truth will be different to another’s because your lens of experience is different. Science has a way of interpreting events via a well-learned patriarchal lens. What about the matriarchal intuitive perspective? How long have we, as a race of humans, been subjected to patriarchal domination and control?

In Sedna’s myth, she had to surrender her personality will to the greater Will of her father( a symbol for the Divine Father – God) to be reborn as the Goddess of the Seas. She came to me as a mermaid.

The GODDESS gives birth to all creation. Isn’t it time for her resurrection into the human collective’s mind as the prime source of all life? This understanding, acceptance and societal integration alone would create chaos to humans on Earth. Sedna told me that she is the crystalline connection to other galaxies through the ‘womb of the mother’. Her energy enables humans to develop multi-dimensional consciousness.

According to esoteric astrology, a new planet or cosmic body is discovered when humanity’s mass consciousness reaches a certain level of spiritual evolution whereby higher consciousness can be accessed. The new cosmic body offers an opportunity to accelerate the human journey to a higher and more refined frequency of light. This is Sedna’s role.

Eclipse cycles have a tendency to bring change. They have been mapped and followed as star patterns for thousands of years. The upcoming total lunar eclipse on 8 November will be 16 degrees Taurus. This will closely conjunct the Sedna discovery point of 17 degrees Taurus 52 minutes. Hmm! The North Node of the Moon is also in Taurus at 13 degrees Taurus. Taurus is situated in the constellation of Cetus the Whale. The Whale is known by the North American Indians as the cosmic record keeper.

The question that came into my mind as I write is – Will specific ancient records be remembered or downloaded into some human’s minds relative to this theme just prior to this important eclipse?

I always like to bear in mind the well known adage originating from Hermes: Whatever is above, (in the heavens) is also below (on Earth).

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these messages, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,