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End November Arcturus Transmission

By November 30, 2020No Comments

“Thank you for hearing our call.

In times to come you will look back on this period of human evolution as the dark ages, a time when people were ignorant and unconscious. The great shift, or ascension into higher light waves of consciousness, cannot be stopped. The greater good for the survival of humans as a species is the primary goal.

Those unwilling to look to self for cause of their shadow creations are holding up the process. Shadow thoughts, and their subsequent feelings and emotions, create the problems experienced. Never is the problem outside themselves.

The light is prevailing. The Christ Light – the spark of divinity within every human heart, is being ignited. Its’ effects can be felt as joy, creativity, love and wonderment. Should you choose to follow this path of love, you will transition with ease and grace.

If you choose to allow mind dominance, obeying the dictates of your mental “shoulds”, you will suffer.

Living life in gratitude for all life lessons learned, and then choosing the path of the heart, is the only way to survive this unprecedented transition.

We speak plainly. We could not live with ourselves if we did not. Allowing life’s enticing distractions to occupy your mind results in frustration.

Life is for loving. We love and care for you and will come again”.


“The winds of change will become stronger. Your old way of living life cannot be sustained, and will soon fade away. Many choices will need to be made – to follow the path that brings lightness of spirit and feelings of freedom, or the one of inertia, resistance and control.

Changes are likely to come unexpectedly. You may disregard them completely, or give them energy. Change is a constant in life.

Change can bring greater awareness. Stepping into the unknown can bring apprehension. Expect changes to occur. They may begin small, but will become larger.

The next few years will bring further unprecedented change to life on planet Earth. Many revolutionary discoveries will be made that will bring change to the collective consciousness. These changes are necessary for human consciousness evolution to continue”.


Ashtara’s Commentary:

We can prepare our minds for these changes and life-changing shifts in consciousness during the next three weeks before Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius – Saturn on December 18th and Jupiter – December 20th. Both conjunct at the same degree and minute on December 22nd.  These planetary changes also connect to the energy of the December Solstice.

Change is connected to Aquarius – as is consciousness. Many sensitives will  feel greater electricity in their brain, and this extra electricity can affect electronic devices. Many will feel the need for freedom from current restrictions, and excitement when they take the necessary steps to claim it. The desire to create life changes will come from within. Prepare well for life-changing shifts in consciousness. Your life is likely to never be the same again.

Restrictions around the heart can now be lifted. To commit to this process, have the strong feeling intention to  break through protective barriers you’ve built up over heart throughout your entire life so that love, joy and creativity can take their place. When meditating on this theme, practice this barrier breaking exercise with clear, focused intent and heart-felt feeling. Adding clear visualisation and imagery will assist.

On 11th October I wrote an article on the above conjunction ‘click here’ to read. (Go to Menu bar and click on Astrology. It’s the first article. ) I hope you find it as interesting as I did. I had a lot of spiritual guidance when writing it.


A further Arcturus Transmission

“We come to you today with a message of joy and hope. On the eve of Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse a new energy has begun to enlighten and inform those people open to receive. Some formerly closed minds are now opening. Knowledge of the Creator’s infinite love for all of creation is being felt by many more.  In unusual, and formerly inconceivable ways, human hearts are opening. Many are now focusing on the light, and are more joyful.  We rejoice with you.

Many more people will be able to manage the winds of change still to come.

To those who have weathered recent internal storms, and are now seeing the light of truth, we congratulate you. The greater strength you have developed throughout your journey will hold you in good stead for what is to come.

To those still sleeping, unaware and unconscious of the higher worlds where love, truth and freedom dwell, we offer our support and love. We are here to help you navigate your inner world of shadows.

To all humans, let it be known that we will not rest in our commitment to assist your evolutionary journey to the light of higher consciousness. As you advance on your path, your energy affects your precious planet in her ascension journey. We rejoice.

We are the Arcturians, we love and care for you, and will come again.”



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,