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Record KeepersTransmissions

End May 2024 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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As previously mentioned and as known to you, your world is in chaos. The young have nothing to believe in except themselves. The adults are so busy earning an income there is no time for play and relaxation. Toxicity seems to be everywhere. You are a product of your thoughts.

In times past, a more leisurely life style existed. People had more time to interact; to write letters, to create and attend to gardens and to generally bring balance and harmony to their lives. Those times appear to have gone.

People – wake-up! Look at what you have created. Can you not see? Easily can you change. All it takes is self-awareness and the willingness to do so. Look at what is and accept that you created it. From this point of self-realisation begin to change your habits, beliefs and understanding of life.

You matter!You are a vital link in the great plan for the evolution of human consciousness. A huge wave of change is sweeping the planet. This wave will increase in size and intensity. You have a choice – to quickly develop the skills of a surfer and choose to surf the  wave with confidence and desire, or be dumped upon by it.

The old world has gone. You are creating a new world with your thoughts, emotions and actions. Is it one you want to inhabit? What will it take for you to uplift your thoughts?What will it take for you to follow your heart-felt feelings of joy, love and gratitude?

Millions of people around the planet are waking up, realising there is a different and more loving world they can inhabit and are choosing to make the life changes needed to live it. Will you be one?



Our earlier message may seem to have been chaotic. We observe your general state of being and record accordingly. Many are awakening as your technology provides the means for it.

Addiction to technology is now taking place. With transiting Neptune in the last degree of Pisces  those people with a tendency to addiction can become hooked into an endless search for more  and more information. The recent Sagittarius Full Moon will have expanded upon this action.

We rejoice as we see more lights turning on in human minds.  Change from an unconscious state of being to a higher one brings change. The energy of every human being influences the whole. As our scribe has been teaching for years, when you realise you are a unique bundle of energy stored within a human form and are connected through this energy to the energy field of others within the greater energy field of our Prime Creative Force, your perceptions of life change. It is this understanding that creates change.

Every living thing is as a spark of light within the enormous energy field of the One
Source. Some use the terminology of the Universe. Whatever word is used, the understanding is the same. You are connected to ‘all your relations’ within the energy field of the Creative Source/Cosmic Mother – birther of all souls. When this truth is realised change occurs.

Our scribe may wish to elaborate again on this truth. We will come again.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,