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End May 2024 Ashtara’s Musings

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The Value and Importance of Words

Each word we speak contains a vibration. People are now realising that we exist in an ocean of vibration, of life-force energy. It is all around and within every living thing. Our planet Earth is a living, evolving entity and we exist within its form. Every word we think and speak influences the energy field within and around us. Consciousness (conscious self-awareness/ intelligence) influences this energy field.

Reflect upon the sounds created by a musical instrument within an orchestra. An orchestra has a conductor to ensure the sounds created by each player are harmonious.

You are the conductor of your internal orchestra. When the sounds (thoughts and words) you think and speak are uplifting and harmonious, you feel ‘in tune’ and your life flows smoothly. Synchronicities occur regularly and you marvel at the wonders life brings. It appears magical.

Thoughts travel through the water in our bodies to different body parts, creating harmony or disharmony depending upon their content.

Your birth chart is simply a physical  representation of the thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions taken in previous life times that created karma. Our soul now seeks resolution of this karma that can only come through self-awareness. This internal purification/cleansing process needs the water in our bodies to do so. Water is the carrier of consciousness. Water relates to memories; soul memories.  The emotions stored within the memories need to be re-experienced to enable the restoration of harmonised order.  When restored, the potential for the life-time that also exists within the birth chart, is revealed.  To choose to develop this potential requires activation of the fire of Spirt. i.e. the development of a spiritual perspective to life.

Geometric shapes are created within the water/blood during the above process that can be seen by those with eyes to do so. The highest level of consciousness  humans can develop on planet Earth is that of a diamond. Diamond consciousness. There are spiritual teachers who teach this process.

The simple energetic system mentioned above is being realised by our scientists. It’s a hard nut for them to swallow because, when science separated from the Church teachings hundreds of years ago, the idea was to divide science from spirituality. Whoops! Some are now realising the impossibility of this division.

Whatever name is given to the One Supreme Intelligent Creative Force, the fact is there is a simple replicable energy system pervading all life. We can learn to use it wisely. Astrology is a tool through which this can be done. Of course it can and will be abused by those unawakened.

With Neptune and Saturn both travelling through Pisces, knowledge acceleration of this universal energy system is taking place.  The windows of our minds can be thoroughly cleansed should we develop the fire of Spirit to do so.  Should we choose this path, when these two planets move into Aries, we will have the cleansed emotions to consciously create with our clear minds a new world based on love.

You are the creator of your world. With a clear mind, and with the love of your Divine Creator in your hearts you can choose to be a conscious creator, intending that all your creations be filled with love, joy and loving relationships. You will experience the results.

May the Force of all love and light be with you,

26 May 2024