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End May 2023 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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The Way of the Heart

We continue:

From time immemorial, we have been keeping the records of human history. These records are stored in the etheric realms, available to those with an advanced consciousness. Our scribe has access to them and has occasionally opened them. We ask her to do so again.

In her books she shared some of her findings. Ageless wisdom, no matter the culture, is the same. There are many pathways to human ascension into the higher light realms, each culture defines their process dependent upon the perspective and consciousness level of the one sharing the knowledge. It is wise indeed to become aware of this fact.

We recommend taking the Way of the Heart. It will never let you down. Human love, one person to another is a heart-felt experience. Divine love is an octave higher. It is this finer vibration that is needed to access longevity. Intellect plays no part in this process. The inner journey from intellect to intuition is one all humans take on their return journey to union with the Source of all Light and Love.

Can we be more clear?  We think not.





We will continue.

From time immemorial there have been wisdom teachers on your planet. They come in many forms and exist in may different cultures. They have shared the Ageless Wisdom wherever they have lived. The wisdom is the same. The interpretations are different, according to the particular culture. Currently living on your planet are many of these Ageless Wisdom teachers. You are one. Like yourself, they do not glorify, or put themselves on pedestals. They simply share their wisdom with love and humility. Some people listen and pay attention, others are not as discerning, choosing instead to pay homage to more public figures. It is as it is.
From the depths of their soul these wise ones share, knowing it is their purpose for incarnation. They remember their soul’s journey through space and time. Living in this third dimensional world of form is their challenge. To support humankind, they chose to descend from the light realms. Finding the best way to describe their wisdom is one of their greatest challenges.

Currently, living on your planet are more of these carriers of Ageless Wisdom than ever before. Why is this so? Because the need for their wisdom is greater than ever before.

Too many calamities have occurred on your planet caused by human ignorance. We have kept these records. Stored in safe places, they are accessible to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

We observed the wave of ignorance growing and asked for volunteers to descend into this dense plane to assist in the raising of human consciousness. Many, like our scribe, entered into an existing life as a “walk-in”. Others chose to be born through the normal process.

We have asked for more.

Those who do not choose to awaken continue to be as sheep – following a blind and unaware leader. The awakening process is internal, not external. It is the process of becoming conscious of the subconscious realms containing soul memories.

It is only when advancing in consciousness beyond the dense psychological process that the wisdom we all carry can be accessed.

We are the Record Keepers and will come again.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,