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End May 2022 Arcturus Transmission

By May 30, 2022No Comments

We are the Arcturians. We come to you with love in our hearts and a desire to serve. Some hear our call, others are not as tuned in. It is as it is.

The Great Shift of the Ages is taking place. There is no single cut-off date according to your calendar. It is a natural evolutionary process. As the energy of the cosmos effects earth and all species upon her, so too do humans affect the cosmos – an energetic process, depending upon vibrational frequencies. Many of your scientists realise this, however most haven’t connected it to human psychology. Bear in mind that every thought has a vibration that effects the body, emotions and spirit.

A holistic system pervades all life, a system of energy exchange. “As it is above – so it is below”.

As humans raise their consciousness from the unconscious to the conscious mind through self-realisation, a finer frequency occurs, one light filled. This energy travels to meet with similar vibration, hence gathering mass. This lighter vibration affects the physical mass of your planet, now moving through the wide light beam referred to as the Age of Aquarius.

Your light is needed. Every time you become conscious of, and act positively upon a self-realisation you assist your fellow humans in doing the same thing.

The Great Shift is in consciousness. It cannot stop. It is an evolutionary process. We rejoice when we register another light of self-realisation taking place. A reciprocal energetic shift occurs to enable balance.

We leave you now. We are the Arcturians and will come again.


Ashtara’s Commentary

The Great Shift, referred to above, is part of our human evolutionary process to become God realised. Many still think in terms of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’. The ‘Them’ is usually someone wiser and more knowledgeable outside ourselves. We think our Masters and Guides are outside ourselves. We think that God/higher beings are external.

Finally, we turn inside to listen to our own inner voice, and the wisdom contained within our soul who knows love-filled unity consciousness. Eventually we move beyond all the stepping stones of cards, crystals, numerology and astrology into this state of oneness, allowing and knowing that all comes from within. We become clear enough to realise we are the guide, the master, the God, and we learn to take responsibility for it. This is the new paradigm, the new state of being human. It is the path all humans are travelling. How long it takes is up to each individual soul. At this current Age of Aquarius time there is the cosmic opportunity to heal all separation from divine love. Leo is the opposing sign to Aquarius. I like to think of this Age we are experiencing as the Age of Love, rather than the Age of separation. You can assist humanity by choosing to move into greater self-realisation and the Path of the Heart. Your personal vibration matters.

May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,