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End May 2021 The Record Keeper’s Transmissions

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“We begin,

As humans raise their consciousness levels through mindfulness, their levels of self-awareness increase. Their internal light becomes brighter and they attract others of like mind. It takes discipline, effort and aspiration to become self-aware and self-realised human beings but it is the path of everyone, without exception. This state of becoming awakened and aware is now accelerating following a dormancy period. We speak of individuals as well as the collective.

When it is realised that the planets in your Solar System are the agents designed to bring about consciousness change you will begin to realise the Great Plan for human consciousness evolution. The study and application of astrology, particularly esoteric astrology, to one’s life is the tool to accelerate this evolutionary growth process.

When sufficient humans have reached a particular level of consciousness, one beyond weakening psychology, another cosmic system comes into effect to further the human consciousness raising process. Ashtara was trained to experience and to record this system and is soon to publish her findings. We, and the Arcturians, have supported and guided her. A revealing, mind and heart expanding trilogy, one that has taken courage to write, will soon be completed. She provides the stepping stones to enlightenment and the journey to unity with the One Source of all spiritualised light.

We honour her for her dedication to the Great Work”.




Ashtara’s Commentary:

The final book in the trilogy referred to above I have named Arcturus Astrology. Why? Because I was trained by the Arcturians in their Ashram, or training headquarters, at a round board-room table on Arcturus to learn and experience this cosmic system. Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul, (D.K.) spokesperson for the Record Keepers, asked me to write a book for him last century. I said I would be happy to do so but I couldn’t write intellectually as per his transmitted esoteric books through Alice A. Bailey. He agreed to my proviso. That one book became a trilogy, much of it based on my adventurous experiences in lighter realms. I’ve only recently realised that all these enjoyable interdimensional experiences formed part of the cosmic system D.K asked me to write about. The first two books are available through my website, and booksellers as I Am an Experiment – An Extraordinary Spiritual Adventure and The Magdalen Codes, Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom. Mary Magdalen made herself known to me in 1996 when studying Esoteric Astrology so she has also played a huge part in my story telling experiences. It has been an astounding and unique journey. I feel incredibly privileged and deeply humbled by the trust given to me. I’ve done my best.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,