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End May 2021 Arcturus Transmission

By May 24, 2021No Comments

“In quiet moments, when the mind is calm and still, we in the higher realms can reach you. We have much information to convey and can only do so when there is no static. Why are many of us attempting to reach you at this time? The answer is simple.

Human life began as an experiment. Many were involved. We are as parents to wayward children. We observe and do our best to guide you through your challenging times. Currently, we observe with concern how your collective focus on the material world with all its many distractions is creating imbalances. Not only do we observe you drifting deeper into material distractions but also doing so as if in a frenzy. We see stress and static taking over your minds. It need not be so.

Our voice may seem a soft whisper on a gentle breeze, however our whispering will continue. Some will listen and share our words, and these words will create a ripple. We come to alert and awaken those who sleep under a heavy blanket of amnesia.

Our messages are simple. Wake-up humans – Learn to observe your thoughts and actions from an eagle perspective. Each day, practice perching on a high tower looking down observing, with wonderment and without judgement, yourselves thinking and doing. When this is done regularly, you will understand our concern and choose to change.

We love and care for you. We are the Arcturians and will come again.



Ashtara’s Commentary:

The practice mentioned above is one used in Ancient Mystery Schools, such as those in Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru. It was one of the first teachings students needed to learn. In the amazing heart-and mind opening book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, by Claire Heartsong, Anna mentions this as an early spiritual training practice by the Essenes.




“Thank you for hearing our call. We have much to share and often wonder where to begin.

As mentioned previously, your scientists are monitoring the great changes occurring on Earth. However, they are looking at the effect rather than attempting to understand cause. It is much the same as humans in turmoil. Turmoil is the effect, but what is the cause? Your medical people treat the effect of the health problem, but what is the cause?

The cause in all cases will be based on a separation from love. In the case of planet Earth, a living evolving entity in her own right, the cause of her problems is the continual mistreatment by humans of her – hence a separation from love.

In the case of humans, the cause of all health problems is a perceived separation from Prime Creator’s love. As we have said before, and will do so again, love is the substance underpinning all life. To Prime Creator, all life is sacred. All life is special. No matter how far a human has fallen into dark ways, Prime Creator continues to love. You are as a precious jewel within the great Body of Spirit. You are loved beyond measure. Joy and good health are the results of love. You can self-generate the love frequency. Daily prayers of gratitude help, as does learning to manage your mind.

We live in a realm of Spirit. We are living evolving souls without form. The human form is like a cloak you wear. It took millions of years to build a form over the human spirit. The human body is an incredible instrument. When played well, with love, its vibratory tone emanates a note – a sound that harmonises the surrounding field. Health is experienced. When played without love, the discordant note creates internal disharmony that manifests as physical disharmony. It won’t be long before some of your scientists realise this simple fact.

We ask you to play your body instrument well. Provide it will daily doses of sunshine, not only for five minutes but for at least an hour. Feed it healthy, life enhancing fresh vegetarian food and notice a marked difference in your energy levels. Simple, life giving food, fresh clean water and plenty of sunshine enhance and sustain a healthy body, and demonstrate love and care. Add a daily exercise programme and you begin to build life-long health. These are the external practices needed. Equally as important is the internal love-based practice of daily expressions of sincere gratitude for all you have, and for all you have learned about yourself and life. Giving loving kindness each day enables the emergence of joy.

We live a joyous life, at one with Prime Creator, embraced by Divine Love and Light. You can do the same.

We are the Arcturians, at one with the Infinite One forever. We will come again.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,