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End May 2021 2 The Record Keeper’s Transmissions

By May 31, 2021No Comments

“We begin,

In times to come, when the sleeping ones awake, a new world will emerge, created by the collective mind. A world of joy and wonderment for the grandeur and scope of the Prime Creator’s Plan for the evolution of the human soul. This may seem like a children’s fairy tale, but it is not.

So many are awakening now to the reality of creation and of how each one creates their own reality by their thoughts. Mind management is the next step and then comes conscious creation.

When sufficient numbers of people create loving kindness so it will be experienced by the collective. This is how a new Camelot, an era of peace, joy and happiness will occur. It is in the making, arising from pure and loving hearts and minds. Beyond the psychological process where shadows cover a loving heart and soul is the state of being joy.

Consciously connecting to the Christ Light within, and allowing joy to guide each new forward step may seem out of reach and unattainable. We assure you it is not. You can make this choice today. When you do, realise that all that blocks joy will emerge. Welcome it because by embracing and acknowledging that little child part of yourself, rather than criticising, it will soon pass. Love that part of you to death. By doing so, your internal channels clear allowing emergence of your soul light. Love is the pathway to the new world.

Never can you be disconnected from your Creator. You may think you are. You have the power to change your thoughts. Will you use it?

We leave you now to ponder upon our words”.



May you open your minds and hearts to receive and integrate these transmissions, and allow the love guiding them to fuel your daily life,

Blessings and Love,