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Record KeepersTransmissions

End March 2024 The Record Keepers Transmissions

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We, in the higher realms do what we can to aid humans to take responsibility for their life creations. Your creations do not happen by chance. You have incarnated for a purpose, to learn and to evolve into higher, or Christ, consciousness.Some refer to this state of being as God consciousness.

The great Spiritual Master who incarnated from Sirius into your earth plane just over two thousand years ago, anchored his soul’s energy into earth’s ley lines. He did his best to teach and share his wisdom to people far less conscious than is the population of your planet today. He taught through parables. Through demonstration, he showed the way to overcome internal darkness. He ascended into his light body having attained Christ consciousness. He taught those around him to do the same. His consciousness is awakening within the souls of humans today.


Let us begin,

In times past, and in times to come, people on earth will be challenged to change their beliefs, and perspectives on life. Life on earth is a training ground, a realm of accelerated learning. “What am I learning?” you may well ask. You are learning to become a human being, filled with God consciousness. Over aeons of time you chose to fill your consciousness with shadows and darkness. You lost God consciousness by choosing to immerse yourself into the material world of dense matter.

A return to the Light is imminent. A spiritual way of life now beckons. Your planet cannot sustain the pressure being placed upon it, and will shake it off.

What do we mean by a spiritual way of life?  It is not blind devotion to a self-proclaimed guru, or a fearful god you are taught to obey. God, or Christ consciousness is a state of being, developed over lifetimes through the realisation that you, your soul, carries this Light within. It can be accessed through right use of will. You can fill the deep inner longing
with the now awakening Light of Christ. The Age of Aquarius is the prophesised Age of Light. The Light of Christ or God consciousness is the ability to know yourself as the creator of your own reality. Can we explain it more simply?  We think not.

Every minute of every day you can choose to think thoughts of light, or thoughts of dark.
What an amazing gift is the gift of mind.

We leave you to ponder upon our words.


We are the Record Keepers with a message for your readers.

Aligned as we are to your thoughts and behavioural patterns we still receive a shock when we observe change. We observed it this week. A sudden, unexpected time when many of your race awakened. Delighted are we at this event. Our scribe believes there is another mass awakening on the 20th April weekend as the Solar System planets- Jupiter and Uranus – conjunct.  She has created an event to assist attendees to do so.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the lead up to your Easter can bring up old emotional memories that, when realised for their content, can be released enabling the light of self-awareness. We record accordingly.

Your planet has been poised on a tipping point for some time. It appears as if it may move to the light side. We will advise the movement, when clear. We monitor carefully. We cannot and will not interfere in the direction you choose for yourselves.

Through thanksgiving, gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and love you can choose the light side.

We will come again.



Even in the past few days we have observed more lights turning on in human minds. The dark are also amping up their efforts. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear are refusing to give their energy or attention to their manipulative games.

It is a challenging and exciting time to be alive. We observe and record the contradictions taking place. We also foresee many earth changes. The vibrations emitted by humans create changes. Reflect on World War II. Millions of people died – by human hands through attempts to control.  The weapons are different now. They are more subtle.

When the majority focus their minds on love and goodwill, so it is. The opposite is true.

We record your choices.  We will come again.

May these messages inspire you to live your life in love, harmony and peace,
Love and blessings,